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Fool Me Twice by [Anderson, Lilliana]

Fool Me Twice
by Lilliana Anderson

This is a tricky story to review.

Holland meets Nate at a bar and takes him home as you do. After sleeping with him she has all her belongings stolen, how you ask I won’t spoil that.

Feeling foolish and pissed off she’s determined to find him to get back a precious heirloom. She finds him and his attitude pissed me off.

He was very blasé about the whole issues. Excuse me, you stole her possessions and fobs it off as ‘we keep the insurance company in business’.

She falls for his bs/charm again, sleeps with him and is robbed again which I thought was quite comical.

Fooled twice, most would think is she stupid but I didn’t feel she was. She went with the moment and unfortunately was duped again. Several things after this fact didn’t sit well with and again I will not spoil, some to me seemed far-fetched.


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