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Football Sundae by [Banner, Daryl]

Football Sundae
by Daryl Banner

Omg, I have nothing to fault with this book!
I absolutely love Billy and Tanner, I didn’t want this story to end.

No Angst? Check
No drama? Check
Hilarious banter? Check
Hot Sex? Check
A gorgeously believable love story with some mouth-watering sundaes? Check

Small town Spruce sounds like a pretty cool place, seriously I want to live there!

Billy’s dream is to own his own dessert store, in the meantime, he works at his parent’s diner.
His other dream or I should say dirty fantasy is Tanner Strong.

Superstar football player Tanner is home from college and is back to being Spruce’s golden boy. However, being away from the pressure of being who his family and friends expect him to be, Tanner has learned to be true to himself and his sexuality.

Never being friends in high school, Billy is taken back when Tanner starts wanting to be friends, and boy does things heat up really fast once the nerves subside.

This is one of those stories that leaves you cracking up laughing and gives you all the feels as you watch them grow as friends and then as lovers.

THIS my friends is how you write a fan-fucking-tastic story that will stay with you long after the book is over.

Watch out Daryl, you have a new stalk…er fan on your hands 😉


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