❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Hard Core: Dirty Bad Things #1 by Madison Faye

Hard Core (Dirty Bad Things Book 1) by [Faye, Madison]

Hard Core:
Dirty Bad Things #1
by Madison Faye

I thought this would be better but unfortunately didn’t meet my expectations.

I did find it interesting though to pay their debt they wanted Dylan and Rose to make a porno flick, him with his huge dick her with her virginity sounds good right?

I found Dylan to be an annoying loser, he’s trying to save Rose from having to do this and tarnish her good reputation but with absolutely no leverage it was laughable he thought he could achieve this.

I liked Rose I found her to be a sweetheart. I didn’t buy the ‘we’re in love’ at the end it wasn’t plausible to happen so quickly.

There was enough time building their chemistry to make this believable, I would have thought likable though.

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