❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Hard Wired: Cyberlove #3 by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

Hard Wired (Cyberlove Book 3) by [Erickson, Megan, Hassell, Santino]

Hard Wired
Cyberlove #3
by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

Let me just start this by saying if you have a hard time with angsty books, this one might not be for you. From beginning to end, this is hands down the most angst-filled book in the series.

Jesse Garvy is your typical nice guy. He works his butt off at a local surf shop to basically support his freeloading parent’s lifestyle, always putting his own wants on hold. His cousin Beau has been trying to get him to stand up to his parent’s and move out to L.A, but Jesse just can’t seem to.

Ian aka Cherry aka Cherise is forever hiding who he really is by seriously over exaggerating parts of his personality.
After bouncing from foster home to foster home, he has learned to deal with rejection by hiding behind his snarky-no-shit-taking persona of Cherise. In his armor of tight leather pants and showing off his tattoo’s, he can show what he wants people to see, an attractive, sexual and desired man.
Being Cherry is again a different part of Ian, a very happy and bubbly positive person who is always wanting to make peace and secretly make lovey eyes at Garvy 😉

After years of working as Kai’s mods, Garvy and Cherry are finally going to meet at FallenCon. Everyone, including Jesse Garvy, thinks Cherry is a sweet, bubbly woman, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Jesse is only just coming to the realization that he is gay and when he see’s Mr brooding artist, Cherise sitting there sketching, he can’t take his eye off him. Or his mouth it seems when things heat up super fast with these two.

The problem is, Jesse has no clue that Cherise/Ian is Cherry, and Ian being the selfish little shit he is, doesn’t want to lose what he’s always dreamed about. Anger, betrayal and of course heartbreak is all Jesse feels when he walked into the panel the next morning and finds Cherise with Cherry’s name tag. What is worse is seeing a heartless, asshole in place of the confident and affectionate Cherise that Jesse fell asleep with.

But in true nice-guy Jesse form, he can’t leave it alone, he thought he meant something to Cherise like Cherise meant to him. He Needs to know why he didn’t tell him the truth but when he see’s a very broken Ian, his need to protect and comfort him overrides his anger.

Back home Jesse starts basically stalking Ian’s Cherise page, learning all about Ian’s secret crush, he can’t forget their time together, but Ian has been MIA ever since FallenCon, he has even stopped being active in Kai’s group, anything to block out Jesse. Jesse stops at nothing to try and build a relationship of sorts with Ian. Wanting nothing but Ian to be himself.

These two are a little toxic for each other. They are both so insecure which leads to a lot of angst from hurtful words and a lot of self-loathing on Ian’s part. But they are also so perfectly matched, they build each other back up and show that with love, understanding, and patience, you can overcome anything.

I enjoyed Jesse and Ian, however, Dominic and Luke are still my #1. This one is so . . . . angsty and raw in a way that you don’t experience in previous books. I am curious now to see what’s up with the secondary characters, Beau and Zane. Here is hoping for a book 4 of the Cyberlove series, or you know, Megan and Santino can also revisit with Dominic and Luke, I so won’t complain there 😉


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