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Cattle Valley: Hawk's Landing by [Lynne, Carol]


Hawk’s Landing
Cattle Valley #23 
by Carol Lynne

Wow! Just Wow!

This is not only my first Carol Lynne story but my first transgender story to boot, and what an amazing story to start with.

I have to touch on the note from Carol at the start of the book. She explains how some may be left feeling cheated over her not giving too much detail in the “Why Kit is who she is.”
This is where I am torn. I completely understand what Carol is saying about not needing to justify why Kit is the way she is, and honestly, the story really didn’t need Kit’s full history, as this isn’t Kit’s story, I do think to have some more background, some of her trials and tribulations that brought her to the woman sh is now is what would have taken this book from great to totally epic.
That being said, that would have changed the whole dynamic of the story, it would have been more about Kit’s self-discovery instead of how she met and fell in love with Hawk, and that would have totally sucked. Perhaps Kit can get a story all about her earlier years and the transformation.

But until then, let’s get on with This story.

I love this story for so many reasons.
Kit has been dealing with narrow-minded people for so long that her self-esteem has taken quite a blow, it’s truly heartbreaking at moments how she thinks of herself. Kit sticks to herself, the seeming open town of Cattle Valley may be mostly accepting, but it still has its fair share of jerks.
Hawk is . . . . incredible.
While being extremely wealthy, Hawk didn’t have the best start in life after his mother passed at a young age and he was sent to live with his dad, once learning he has a son, Joey, he packs up and heads to Cattle Valley with the soul purpose of getting to know him.
He’s one of the rich playboy types until he walks into The Gym and his eyes land on Kit. From the second he see’s her, his thoughts are of nothing but 100% acceptance (and protectiveness and boobs lol) of her as a person, not a gender and this is where Kit flourishes.

I love how Hawk pulls Kit out of her shell little by little as they both fall hard and fast as these two heat up your kindles and get to know each other. Speaking of getting to know people, I love the interactions with Hawk, Kit, Hawks son Joey and his daddies, Rance and Bo, and of course, Brac. I just really wish it was longer so that their relationships could have expanded.

All in all, this is an alluring story of self-acceptance and discovery, mending some old wounds and of course, a beautiful love story that will leave you begging for more.


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