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Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen Book 2) by [Cole, Tillie]

Heart Recaptured: 
Hades Hangmen #2 
by Tillie Cole

Well . . . . once again I am left struggling with this review. Things that happen between these pages are so hard to explain without ruining the entire story, and you seriously do not want me to do that.

I have to say, I love Ky!

“she didn’t know who she was without her faith…funny, ’cause I didn’t know who the fuck I was without her.”

So we already know who these two are from the first book, but this one goes deeper into the cult crap that Lilah and the sisters have had to endure.

Ky . . . . Simply put is a whore. A very loud, out there and proud whore who has the attention of any and every woman who comes his way. I mean his (thanks to his Dad) moto say’s it all;
“Pussies are to be licked good and fucked hard – never worshipped.”
Well, that is until Lilah takes up residence in his head and heart and brings out another side in him.

Out of the three “cursed” sisters, Lilah is the one who holds onto her faith and everything the commune stands for, and she struggles to adjust to life outside. She cannot accept what Mae is telling her of how fake the commune truly is and that she is not “Cursed”. She is convinced someone will be back for her as long as she holds tight on the beliefs that were forced upon her.

When Styx asks Ky to protect and teach Lilah the way of the Hangmen, things progress quickly, while she still finds it hard to let go of her faith, Lilah starts to come out of her shell and starts to warm up to the outside world and Ky.

No matter how much Ky tried, or how much Li love’s him, she never fully believed it to be true. Ky’s attraction to her cement the brainwashed bullshit that she is cursed and will never be loved for more than her looks, that he was under her spell from the devil, and it takes a monumental, and heart wrenching, moment to make her see the truth.

*sigh* This book has some hard times, some things that are hard to read and leave you wondering how someone survived what Li did, her journey is tough, a lot tougher then what we saw with Mae, but with all the bad, there is always the good, the hope, the love, and Ky 😉

Alright, gotta go, Flame is waiting 😉

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