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It Ain't Me, Babe (Hades Hangmen Book 1) by [Cole, Tillie]

It Ain’t Me, Babe:
Hades Hangmen #1
by Tillie Cole

For the love of Hades, what took me so damn long to pick this baby up?

I am having a hard time putting into words how beautifully, twisted and breathtaking this story is. It will rip every emotion you have and then when you think it can’t possibly get better, it does.

Styx . . . . oh lord, how I love Styx.
The truly rough, raw and god damn perfect biker with a pure heart when it comes to his love and loyalty to his club and his old lady.

Dubbed The Hangman Mute due to his inability to speak from sever stutters, Styx was always been destined to lead the mother chapter of Hades Hangman MC and has earned a lot of respect from the brothers for his ruthless ways.
Styx has never been able to talk to anyone other than his father, his best friend Ky, and the girl with wolf eyes he met by the fence in an isolated dumping ground as a child. The black haired girl with wolf eyes sitting by the tree crying, the first girl he ever kissed.
The one they all think he dreamed up.

Mae, aka Salome, is nothing like anyone you have ever known.
Born in a religious commune where she and her sisters have been locked away from the outside world and brainwashed into believing they are “cursed” because of their beauty, that they are temptresses and from the age of 8 years old have been repeatedly and violently raped in what they call “the Lord’s sharing”.

It was proclaimed that Mae will be the salvation of their people by marrying Prophet David on her 23rd birthday, something Mae is terrified about. Mae’s life has been one huge nightmare after another and after finding her blood sister near death on her 23rd birthday, Mae knew she needed to escape.

When Mae rocks up at bloodied and badly hurt at the Hades Hangman compound, Styx can hardly believe his eyes, his wolf-eyed girl has finally come back to him, now he needs to protect her and keep her safe from unknown enemies that are closer to home than he knows.

Ok, so let’s just take a moment here to bask in all this.
Styx is one hardened mother fucker who has no qualms with murder and violence when it comes to protecting what’s his. But with Mae, damn he is perfect, gentle, but still the demanding man we know and they just . . . . fit.
Mae is beyond strong, my heart broke for all this girl has gone through but she is one badass woman in her own right, who survived the hell of the commune and fights for her HEA.

Their road is nowhere near smooth, they have so much to overcome. Styx finds it hard to let go of what he learns Mae has had to endure in her short life, and Mae has finally found her voice, her freedom and her only love, something she won’t give up without a fight.

And let’s not forget the other MC brothers. *fans face*
I think I fell a little for all of them, Rider too (even though I also want to hand him over to Flame and watch that bloodbath unfold). I mean these men are all so different, but all have the same love and loyalty for their brothers and their club.
I seriously want to just skip in Flame’s story, yep one of the psycho trio’s. That man is beyond fucked up but I am so damn intrigue with him. But, first, Ky is up!

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