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Life (A Trinity Novel Book 4) by [Carlan, Audrey]

A Trinity Novel
by Audrey Carlan

I haven’t read any of the Trinity Trilogy so I went in with fresh eyes. It doesn’t take long to get into this book so reading the previous story is not necessary but after reading this story you’re going to want to read ‘Trinity Trilogy’, the characters in this book are amazing I’m going to read the trilogy.

I don’t think I have ever read a book where so many female characters have tragic things happen to them. What I love is the term ‘Soul Sisters’ finding these amazing sister who have your back through thick and thin.

So much tragedy happens in the first scene, losing your boyfriend while he was protecting your friend.

Maria meets Elijah her boyfriend’s brother. There’s so much heat between the two it’s evidence they will end up together their chemistry, their attraction. It’s a different way to start a romance but sometimes you don’t get to choose.

I loved this story it’s different and it’s not neatly wrapped up in a bow. Loved it will read the rest.

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