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Losing You: Trade Me by [Ryan, Gen]

Losing You:
Trade Me Collection 

by Gen Ryan

I have debated on this review for what seems like forever so I am going to get the thing I didn’t like out of the way because it really bugged me.

Not Everyone needs to be connected to each other in the story!
Like you don’t have to have “Lead A” friends/acquaintances with “Lead B’s” brother/sister/cousin/bestie and it be “Oh! you already know each other!”. Seriously, it’s not needed, it was so predictable it had me rolling my eyes.

Ok, now on to the story.

Semi Pro Surfer Brad heads to Rhode Island for a fresh start after a catastrophic accident that leaves him losing more than just a loved one, he loses part of himself.
Trading in his surfboard for tools, Brad buried himself in working as a mechanic and trying to forget everything in his past, that is until he meets with a therapist, Abby, and she helps get him back in the water.

Colten is a workaholic, so much so that it cost him his last relationship. Three years later, nothing has really changed especially since he is trying to get a promotion. One day picking up his niece from her swimming lesson, he meets Brad and instantly there is a connection.

Things hit off pretty fast with these two as they both work through demons of their past and try to move forward, knowing that together they can overcome anything.

Loss, self-discovery and of course, finding true love when you least expect it.

Predictable? Hell yes! But it was a sweet read.
Does this story have an HEA? Yes. I would have like it a little longer, give us a little more of Brad and Colten, but hey, I’m a greedy #bookwhore like that 🙂


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