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Lost Soul: AJ's Burden (Healing Hearts Book 4) by [James, Nicky ]

Lost Souls: AJ’s Burden
Healing Hearts #4
by Nicky James

Argh! I so don’t like writing these reviews.
Just like all the others in the Healing Hearts series, this one is full of raw emotions, heartbreaking lows and of course, incredibly euphoric highs.

This one was just a little . . . . lacking, for me.
I feel a little cheated on the romance and relationship development between AJ and Trystan. The drug use and recovery is the main focus in this story, and while that isn’t a bad thing, I just expected a little more from these two. Their relationship was solely a sponsor/support one that it was 80% in before anything romantic took place, and even then, it felt . . . . rushed.

Now, this isn’t to say I didn’t like the story, I did, I think Nicky has done an amazing job with this story and taken her writing to a whole new level, this book is beyond powerful, and when you have lived a day in AJ’s shoes, you appreciate that Nicky didn’t shy away from the ugly reality of what life is like for an addict. I just cannot say this was the perfect “romance”, this was more a story of two strong souls and their courageous journey of self-discovery, self-worth and a lasting and solid friendship, just my 2 cents.

Anywho, as I said this is a powerful story of AJ hitting rock bottom, and clawing his way back.
His life and drug habit have got so out of his control he doesn’t know what’s up or down and one night when close to overdosing in a dark alleyway, he is saved by Trystan, a guy who just wants to give people the chance to change their life like he was years before.

This story takes you on a Very bumpy and emotional, tear-filled read as you learn of not only AJ’s struggles since leaving his foster home as a young teen to his horrific past but also about the battles that Trystan has had to overcome and is still fighting.


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