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MANIC (Rook and Ronin Book 2) by [Huss, JA]


Rook and Ronin #2
by JA Huss

The Tragic campaign is over and Rook’s new contract is just starting. The Sturgis contract with Spencer! *insert lovey eyes*

3 months of Spencer painting her naked body and posing with his bikes. What she overlooked in her attempt to be “in control” of her life and be independent of Ronin was that she would also be filmed 24/7 for a T.V series.
Oh, the contract also gives her a producer… Spencer and Ronin’s longtime friend/partner in crime, Ford * swoon*.

Ronin is off saving the day for Claire while she is in rehab most of the time, which leaves Rook with conflicting feelings about their relationship. Throw in her newly found relationships with Spencer and Ford, and things are bound to get a little messy for everyone.

Rook and Spencer have a very easy going friendship but Ford, he gets under her skin, frustrates her more than anyone and pushes her to do more but she can’t help but gravitate towards him. I mean hello, he is Ford, and besides, he’s feeling run a little more than just friendship. But when her past comes knocking, all three men in her life band together to keep her safe, at all cost.

“Your first impression of Spencer should be dumb…Your first impression of Ford should be well-dressed asshole, but maybe a little on the weak side….Your first impression of me should be honest, trustworthy guy…Your first impressions would be dead-ass wrong in all three cases.”

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