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Marx Girl by [Swan, T L]

Marx Girl
by TL Swan

This has everything you want in a great read. Drama, humor and an uber alpha.

Ben and Bridget have an intense relationship. He’s a control freak and expects Didge to just do what she’s told and of course, that’s not happening.

Their fights are epic, she always threatening to strangle or kill him. On the outside, he does come across as a total wanker/asshole and he is but he has had a horrible past and has a complicated job. He’s very guarded and doesn’t get close to people.

Sometimes I wanted to junk punch him, his controlling and bad-tempered nature made it very hard to like him. Bridget, on the other hand, was hilarious she was very sassy, stands up for herself and seriously cracked me up when it came to dealing with him.

He’s not a bad guy but he’s broken and doesn’t deal with things how normal people would.

These two together are an explosion waiting to happen.


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