❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Mature Content: Cyberlove Series #4 by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

Mature Content:
Cyberlove Series #4
by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell

I have seen so many asking if this can be read as a standalone. I am going to say no, not really. I think to understand everything and to know who-who is, you really need to start with #1, Strong Signal.
Hate and Love are such a fine line and when that line is crossed, damn is it explosive!
TrashyZane and Beau Starr . . . . Where do I even start with all this hot mess?
I guess I will start with my fav, Zane.
Zane isn’t known as TrashyZane on YouTube for no reason. He is messy, upfront and brutally honest in all that he does, including his sex life. Zane does, however, keep a little of himself closed off and to himself, knowing that so many won’t understand him and his needs.
When Beau Starr, YouTube’s positive golden gay influencer snubs him on a video, Zane retaliates with his own video, amping up the dislike to pure hate between the two.
Beau isn’t exactly who he shows himself to be. The cookie-cutter, straight-laced image he has worked so hard to maintain has been a direct result of some bad decisions in his past. Publicly dissing Zane was another bad decision.
When these two collide at NerdCon it is freakin explosive.
The sex . . . . Fark! You may not want to read in public and you may want to be sitting on a towel or something. Just keepin’ it real lol
Zane and his smart mouth are put into place once Beau lets go of the Beau Starr persona and the true Beau come out and play.
boy does it get super hot. But once it’s all over and done, it’s right back to hating each other, and themselves for letting it happen in the first place.
The chemistry is totally off the charts and completely undeniable with these two but Zane has so many hang up’s from being let down and basically slut-shamed by everyone who is meant to be automatic supporters, so he doesn’t trust too well, and with Beau being one of those who has treated him like crap, it’s understandable that he is guarded, though he can’t stay away.
Beau hasn’t had the peachy background that one would assume from “Beau Starr”. He has been burnt badly by love and he is now refusing to get attached or involved with “messy bad boys”, even though that is what he is drawn to.
When they let go and actually get to know each other . . . The banter, the intimate moments, the vulnerability, the compatibility, the sex gah!
These two . . . . Just go get it and read it. I am so close to total spoilers here lol I can not get enough of this series. Each book gets better and I actually think this one is tied in #1 spot right beside Dom and Luke.
If you haven’t started the series, just grab Strong Signal and jump into the obsession of Cyber love!


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