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Mr North
by Callie Hart

A billionaire recluse Raph who after an accident goes into hiding when reading the reason for this, it didn’t make any sense to me considering he was not responsible for the said accident.

A friend of his asks her friend Beth to play chess with him, a paying gig does this sound like a set up because it is upon meeting him he’s very standoffish.

I didn’t feel their attraction I got more of a friendly vibe or employer-employee but he’s the smitten kitten and wants more.

There are lots of things going on in this story. Scorned wannabe lover, BSDM which I thought was unnecessary sort of thrown to make it interesting when, to be honest, the hot dirty sex scenes would have suffice.

At the end, Beth and Raph declaring their love for each other did not work for me. There needed to be more build up to them building a connection. I get the ” you’re hot I’m attracted to you and wanna fuck your brains out” but love? I didn’t feel that at all.

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