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New Beginnings: Abel’s Journey
Nicky James

We have the incredible reviewer,  Natalie (aka Natty) from She’s A Lip Biter!
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Natty has decided to come review for me seeing as I am having a super rough time with this one.

If you have read No Regrets then you already know that Abel’s Journey is going to be a hard-hitting, puffy eye, snotty nose, heart-wrenching story about Abel moving on and finding peace (and love) after losing Landon to brain cancer.

I Knew this was going to be a super hard read, we All Knew this. But I did not expect what I am getting now.

Nicky is an incredible author. She has a way of making surer you feel every single thing her characters are feeling and going through. Just like Landon’s story, she has again knocked it out of the park with book #2.

Abel’s story so real, emotional and so . . . . unapologetically raw that you can’t help but break down and ugly-sob as you turn the pages.

So a HUGE thank you to Natty (and of course, She’s a Lip Biter) for saving me with this one, you ladies freakin rock! <3

My review is coming soonish. Nicky’s has a trigger warning up, but seriously, I think what Jamie from Alpha Book Club sums up the warning perfectly.

Word of warningif you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, unresolved grief, have recently lost someone, or have ever had suicidal ideations or lost someone to suicide there are parts of this book that may trigger you. They are written very realistically and I found myself cycling into anxiety as Abel was experiencing each symptom. So, please heed this warning.

I am taking this baby 1 chapter at a time dues to this being a little too close to home for me to comfortably process. I am not even 20% in and the picture below is a Very accurate image of me.

xx Lil Maso


OMG where do you even begin to review this book… another devastatingly heartbreaking love story.

My heart was in my mouth and tears in my eyes for most of this story. Abel was sinking into a black hole of despair after his husband Landon lost his fight with a terminal brain tumour six months earlier.

His life was quickly spinning out of control… that is until Kieran his husbands ex comes back into his life and becomes his anchor.

He forces Abel to not run from his feelings but to embrace them, share his stories and in the process try and help them come to terms with the loss of Landon and heal both of their hearts!

This is a must read with a warning… bring lots and lots of tissues!!

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