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No Regrets
by Nicky James


I am still crying while writing this out while it is still so fresh. I mean I could write this in a months time and I Know with certainty that I would remember every single detail, be that happy, sad and downright soul gripping painfulness.

Nicky opens with a letter to her readers that starts like this.
“Are you afraid of reading this book? Afraid you might be getting into something too heart wrenching and real you might not be able t handle it?”

Well, let me tell you, YES! Yes, I was so afraid. with every turn of the page, that fear increased knowing that this story does Not have a HEA, it is a HFN story.

How or why I thought this would be a good read for me, is beyond me. I blame Phyl, she convinced me I would be fine. She was wrong!

This is my first read by Nicky, and I am not sure I trust her books anymore LOL. Her writing is freaking phenomenal. Hell, this story is beyond incredible, it’s just . . . . raw.

26-year-old Landon is terminally ill. He has been given a maximum of 2 years and he is not wasting it staying at home in bed.
He is set on traveling and marking off as many items on his bucket list as humanly possible.

While in China he decided to mark another off his list.
Sex with a stranger.

It was meant to be one night, but when Landon wakes to find his one night stand still in his bed, things start to change.

Abel is a cocky, persistent man who is instantly drawn to Landon and regardless of the wall that Landon has erected around himself, Abel will not just walk away.

Being with Abel gives Landon a sense of normalcy, he isn’t treated like he is fragile and that is because Abel has no clue he is dying.

For weeks these two have fun, marking more off Landon’s list, getting to know each other and falling in love despite Landon’s best efforts at keeping things “simple”

When Abel stumbles on all of his pills to keep his tumor and side effects at bay, a floodgate of brutally raw, stab-a-knife-in-my-heart-and-twist pain erupts. And trust me when I say, you feel Every single bit of hurt, betrayal, fear and pain that both Landon and Abel go through.

No Regrets is so . . . . it’s not heart wrenching, it’s so much worse than that, but it is such a gorgeous story of how one man made another’s last days the best he could just by simply loving him and roughing the worse of storms and showing that love is love and will not be tamed by anything, including death.

Make sure you have some chocolate, a snuggle buddy, your bestie on speed dial (Sorry Ang, I drag you through my sobbing rants with this one) and make sure to grab some . . . . scratch that, not some, grab boxes of tissues, trust me between snot and leaky eyes, you will need shares in kleenex 😉

My heart hurts, my eyes are red and puffy and I am in the biggest slump I have been in for awhile. This book destroyed me, it’s a story that will forever have a place in my heart, I have No Regrets <3


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