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GAY: Stepbrother Romance: Protect (First Time MM Experience) (Contemporary LGBT Fiction) by [Bates, Cole]

Protect by Cole Bates

The hell did I just read?
I grab this because it was a short freebie and meant to be a hot taboo story.

Smh, so blurb says it’s about Chet and Kris…. the book is actually Chet and Kenny. Ok, can overlook that, names change.
But over the course of the book, the names get frustrating and Kenny even starts calling Chet “Tay”. Make up your mind, sheesh.


Chet is a “straight” pro footballer, but from the start of the book he is hooking up with male escorts and is Very experienced with men and the escort place. He is a total jerk to his girlfriend, even if she is a gold digging nag.

Kenny (aka Kris) is openly gay but is a virgin (who hasn’t had sex in a month? Seriously I’m not sure the author knows what a virgin is) and is now noticing how “hot” his step brother is.

Chet is starting to fantasize about Kenny too especially during a threesome with two escorts, don’t get me started about the authors need to emphasize that one of the men is black. Next thing you know Chet has Kenny riding his cock while he’s in a wheelchair (while he’s just done a hamstring injury) and his girlfriend snaps some sneaky pictures putting the pro football player and his brother.

Kenny takes charge, tries fixing the problems whole Chet is off drinking and threatening suicide.

After all this drama, these is no HEA for the brothers together, however, they do get separate HEA. Total disappointment and waste of an hour.

This needs a serious re-write and some really good editing to keep names and details correct and on point.

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