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SICK FUX by [Cole, Tillie]

Sick Fux
by Tillie Cole

We’re not in Wonderland anymore, Alice . . . .

I am going to start with the triggers, and yes, this book does have a lot of triggers, mainly being the drugging and raping of children in the little (well not so little) child sex trafficking.

Sick Fux should be your warning, but just in case you are still thinking “it can’t be that bad”, think again, because it is so much worse then you think.
But hey, if you are still waiting to give it a go, get ready for one hell of a dark, emotional, twisted, fucked up love story! Think Heathcliff and Cathy crossed with Joker and Harley Quinn.

Heathan and Ellis are such polar opposites as children.
Ellis’ imagination is incredible, she is so full of life and laugher and just wants to stay in her version of Wonderland.
Heathan, however, is all darkness. No one wants him and he is fine with that, he doesn’t like anyone, that is until he meets Ellis and she drags him into her Wonderland, dubbing him her Rabbit and her, his Dolly.

Heathan and Ellis have been through hell and back at the hands of those who were meant to be their protectors, and when Heathen fights back to save his Dolly, he is sent away and Dolly is left on her own with their monsters.

Rabbit promises he will return to her, it just took longer then he planned. Rabbit’s devotion to Dolly is what keeps him afloat and motivated during the years apart. But when he returns, the once lively girl Rabbit knew is long gone and in her place is a catatonic woman who he must free from her mind, its their love for each other that brings them back to each other, even after all the evil and unforgivable things they live through.

Reading about what Dolly had to endure had me ugly crying while cringing with disgust and pure anger at what is forced upon her, but Rabbit helps her release some of her anger and to help free Ellis as one by one they take their revenge on those who have wronged them and kept them apart.

Argh! I can’t say much more without delving into total spoilers, just know this is one of those books that will forever stay with you, it is a truly dark and disturbing read, but a love story none the less.

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