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SICK FUX by [Cole, Tillie]

Sick Fux
by Tillie Cole

This is one of those books where the title is your warning. I mean Sick Fux does not suggest a trip to Disneyland. If you have any triggers this book is not for you.
This will probably be the darkest, most twisted, most fucked up book you will ever read. I’m guessing there will be a few curious kitty wanting to read to find out how fucked up it is.

You have been warned!!!!

I’m shocked, disturbed, sicken, disgusted I’m going to need therapy after this. I will admit I was curious to see how dark TC would go. If she was to do another story and say it’s worse than this I will not be reading it.
As fucked up as this is it’s still cleverly written but I will not be going down the rabbit hole if there is a next book or further books darker than this. She has definitely pushed my limits here.

I will say I loved Dolly and Rabbit and the revenge they took, motherfucker deserved so much worse, irony they were calling these two the Sick Fux. Bitter sweet revenge wins everytime. After all the horrible things that happened to the both of them I loved the ending, vigilante for abused children. These two were not born this way they were made this way

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