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Stepdaddy's Bad Girl by [Inferno, Dark ]

Stepdaddy’s Bad Girl
Previously titled, Daddy’s Bad Girl
by Dark Inferno aka. Lewis Mountford

So you’re probably wondering why I bothered reading this when I didn’t like the original.
Well, after the author decided to (publicly) point out, share my review to his fans and deem my review “inaccurate” because he has changed the content of this, I thought it was only fair I read the ‘new’ version and review accordingly.

I will state, for ME, anything under 25 pages is not a novella, nor a short story. It is more of a scene, chapter, teaser. Again, this is just My opinion on the matter, so again this was all too short for me to gain any character building or any investment in this at all.

If you read the original titled Daddy’s Bad Girl, you will notice a few small changes, ie. WWE to UFC. Elaine to Sarah. Dad to Eric. Daddy to Stepdad. You get the idea, nothing major.

Apart from a few small added paragraphs in two places, I saw no real difference in the overall story. Serious, this was basically word for word save a few name changes and job titles, which even that got mixed up and the author forgot to change them all out, having WWE Champ and Elaine as the wife’s name in the end.
I actually ended up pulling up my original copy of Daddy’s Bad Girl that I purchased from Smashwords because I thought I might have just been being harsh. But no, I was correct, word for word is pretty much the same.

All in all, my opinion has not changed.

Basically, has-been, WWE/ UFC Champ is drunk and having a pity party about his wife leaving him and basking in his earlier day when he hears his daughter/Stepdaughter trying to sneak out.
Que “forced” blowjob followed by an unrealistic anal virgin scene (accompanied by some magical lube that makes sure her beg for more after begging to stop) and that’s it’s.

Seriously, that’s the end.

I was hoping the ‘rewrite’ would have changed my opinion, but no. It was just one big absurd scene that left the daughter/stepdaughter feeling crap in places she couldn’t and me shaking my head.

*Read as the original title, Daddy’s Bad Girl and reread as the revised edition which in my opinion is the same*

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