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Sticky Fingers by [Starr, Nic]

Sticky Fingers
by Nic Starr

This is a super quick but really sweet read.
Jeff is stuck in a good he is good at but has no passion for, but isn’t sure how to change. While visiting his grandfather who has just been put into a nursing home, he meets his granddads neighbor, Danny.

Danny is passionate about a lot of things, his paintings, keeping Jeff’s granddad’s garden weed-free and of course keeping the Seville orange tree from wasting by making marmalade from Jeff’s late-grandmothers recipe.

These two hit it off really quick, they are both super adorable and Jeff finds himself more at home with Danny then he has felt with anyone, anywhere. Danny inspires him to want to make the change in his life that he really needs. And let’s not forget the most important lesson learned, marmalade may be nice to lick up, but it is so not a great lube 😉

On a side note, 38 pages?! WTH Nic!
This is the start of something, it just has to be! It can not forever end where it did. My boy’s need a nice long HEA <3



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