❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Still You: Trade Me Collection by Amy K McClung

Still You: Trade Me by [McClung, Amy K.]

Still You:
Trade Me Collection 

by Amy K McClung

Originally I gave this 4 stars, but I was explaining the story to my bestie and couldn’t come up with a single flaw besides it was too short, hence the change in rating.

This is my first book by Amy, and I jumped on it because it’s part of Hot Tree’s Trade Me Collection, I was seriously not disappointed at taking a chance on a new (to me) author.

Landscaper/carpenter Eden aka EJ is taken back when he meets his new clients “husband” and can’t get him off his mind.
Little does he know, hunky surgeon Adam, is not the hubby, but the very openly gay best friend who is just as smitten with him.

When Eden’s ex-boyfriend shows up and causes some insecurities and leaves Adam with the wrong impression, Eden has to decide if Adam is worth the fight.

Boy do these to have some insane chemistry and an almost insta-love that is actually believable, even with all their misunderstandings, miscommunications, and other commitments, work and family, and being forced apart more often than not, they manage to deliver not only a super sweet Real love story but also some face-fanning hot moments to boot 😉


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