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Straight by [King, Seth]

by Seth King


Alrighty, I tried. I really tried but I just couldn’t finish this.
Because I did not finish this, I will keep this short and sweet, ok well not so sweet, but you get it.

Henry is 100% straight but that all changes when Ty sits next to him on the bus.
Ty is 100% gay and sparks up a very flirtatious conversation that let to the two wanting to meet up. And from there, it all went downhill for me.

I felt like I was dealing with 16-year-olds, or at least guys with the mental state of a 16-year-old, 99% of the time.

Their relationship was . . . . I have no words. I didn’t get it. It really was like a teenage “we are / we aren’t” in a relationship.
Henry drove me crazy, and I honestly can not pinpoint what it was but I found myself getting super frustrated with him as the story progressed.
Ty, on the other hand, I wanted to smack upside the head with his “Gay Lessons” *insert eye roll*

Do not get me started on Ty. SMH!
Talk about a contradiction to the fact he says a number of times that the LGBT community is very excepting and then he continuously changes Henry because he wasn’t what he classed as “gay”. He doesn’t dress, talk, act, or even watch tv like a “gay guy.” Argh!!

This is more of an insta-gay-for-you story with super over the top everything that for me, wasn’t a good thing. It left me with a headache from rolling my eyes.
The good part about the story? Seth can write hot sex/sexual scenes. Sorry but that’s all the good I got from this one.

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