❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ The Biker’s Virgin by Michelle A. Valentine

The Biker's Virgin by [Valentine, Michelle A.]

The Biker’s Virgin
by Michelle A. Valentine

I saw the tease for this and stalked the heck out of poor Michelle until I found the sign up lol What can I say, a dirty talking alpha biker who has eyes for only one woman and growls “Mine” a lot? Who wouldn’t jump at this?

Being the daughter of The Disciples President is something Piper hates with a passion. Not only does she have nothing to do with her dad but she despises everything that he and the MC world means for the woman. Guys have avoided her out of fear of what her father would do to them, but that is all about to change when she spots Cade in the bar.

Cade is the golden boy of The Mavericks MC, this man is loyal to a fault, so when the Prez of The Mavericks needs the rival MC Presidents daughter kidnapped to send a message, Cade is the man for the job. It’s meant to be a simple grab and drop off at the club, but things change the instant these two connect and set both MC clubs into turmoil and risk everything for love.

Talk about insta-love! It’s over the top insta everything, and that’s what makes this a hot read. I would have loved this to have been longer, more dark, gritty, dirty, but hey, it was still a great short.

Michelle is a new to me author, and this certainly will not be the last book I read of her’s. You have a new stalk…er fan on your hands Michelle 😉


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