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The Rivalry by [Sloane, Nikki]

The Rivalry
by Nikki Sloane

I love the idea of having a couple who love two different teams or so I thought.
Her enthusiasm for football is endearing and hilarious.  She makes a great girlfriend who wouldn’t want a girlfriend who can talk sports however Jay plays for a team she absolutely hates.
As we get further into the story her hatred for Jay team keeps her from being completely in with him keeping him at arm length. We get it you’re rival but you can still have a relationship. The rivalry was cute at first but gets old really quick.
I was wondering how this was going play out and end, because I’m sure even Jay would be getting annoyed by now with this rivalry nonsense.
This ended up annoying me the rivalry because it seems so trivial and Kayla was making it a bigger deal than necessary. It’s a stupid fucking rivalry not the end of the world.
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