❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Thrive: Guardian Protection #2 by Aly Martinez

Guardian Protection #2
by Aly Martinez

When the girl you are in love with doesn’t choose you she instead stays with your butthead best friend even though he treats her badly and she in love with you.

I wanted to know what would make a girl choose a man who treats her badly over a man who treats her well.

Mira broke Jeremy when she chose Kurt over him, 17 years later she’s in the middle of a shit storm and needs his help. Jeremy can barely stand to hear her name let alone meet her.

She annoyed me a lot in the beginning, the fact she couldn’t understand why he wanted nothing to do with her, showed a lot of naivety on her part. I found her to be bratty and I was unsympathetic with her plight.

As they get reacquainted with each other it was nice to know there was still love there. They were able to put aside their past and try to have a future.

I ended up loving them together.


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