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Time for Love by [Andrews, Laura N.]

Time for Love
Timeless Love  Standalone Series #2
by Laura N Andrews

Wow . . . This was . . . I love Nicolas and Caleb!
This is book #2 in the Timeless Love series but is most definitely able to be read as a standalone.

Now, you should never leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth, right? So let’s get to why I didn’t give this a 5 star when I did enjoy and love it, then the good stuff.

This is the 2nd book I have read of Laura’s and I hate that I now have the reverse reason to take a star away, ironic, right? 🙁
In Laura’s first M/M (Forever You) I felt the story was too rushed and missing, that it was a novel sized story that was crammed and missing some things to make it fit into a novella size and I was totally bummed because just like this one, I love that story.

Well, this one is the opposite. This feels like it should have been a novella, there were things that were unnecessarily overextended or unnecessarily added in (while the important part was only brushed over) in what feels like just to make the word count.

Now that is not to say I didn’t enjoy this story. I really did love Nicolas and Caleb, and that is seriously my only fault.
I still flove ya Laura!

Alright, let’s get on to the awesomeness!

Nicolas Edwards is the shy and quiet aspiring author who prefers to stay in and work on his PNR novel. He has insecurities left from his asshole cheating ex-boyfriend, so when his gorgeous best friend, Katie drags him to a club, The Lair, he is severely out of his comfort zone and that is before the douchebag bouncer causes a scene that catches Caleb’s attention.

Caleb Roimata, the gorgeous, assertive, and in control owner of The Lair who just so happens to have a few secrets up his sleeve.
After seeing the altercation between Nicolas and the bouncer, he is instantly attracted to him and uses it as a way to meet Nicolas.

From their first encounter, you can see that each is completely smitten by the other. And dayum, things between these two get hot and steamy super fast!

This is a total insta-love kind of read, and it really works for them, it’s believable. They are perfect for each other.
Caleb gives Nicolas the confidence and comfort to come out of his shell and be 100% himself and Nicolas gives Caleb the love and “home” he has always wanted.

But as things progress and they get to know each other, Caleb’s past threaten to spill into his perfect life with Nicolas.
Can a broken hearted Nicolas forgive Caleb when the truth is revealed and get their HEA? You will have to read it to find out 😉


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