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TRAGIC (Rook and Ronin Book 1) by [Huss, JA]

Rook and Ronin #1
by JA Huss

Wow! So after reading Five and The Misters I just had to reread, well actually I listened to the audio for the first time, from where it all began, Tragic.
I can’t believe I didn’t review these when I first read them back in 2013. *shrugs* I probably was in too much of a hurry to read Manic lol.

I love this series, these characters, this whole …. family. Because that is what they all are, they are a huge, loving, loyal, messed up but oh-so-sexy family!

Some people get dealt a really crappy card when it comes to luck and life, and Rook was one of the worse. Bouncing from foster home to foster home, she is eventually left without a home, money or friends at 17 years old, and things just get worse from there.

Fed up with all her crappy luck she makes a decision that will change her entire world. She buys an overpriced cup of coffee with the last of her money and an unwanted invitation is flung in her direction. An audition with a photographer who will pay $100 an hour.

Model Ronin Flynn also oversee’s the girls, it is his job to care for the girls professionally, ok, sexually too but he doesn’t do girlfriends. Though Rook is more than just “another model” for him and he is hell-bent on making her see that.

Rook doesn’t trust Ronin, she doesn’t trust anyone for that matter and no matter how much she wants to, she has too many scars and secrets from her past to just let her walls down again with a stranger, no matter how easy on the eyes he is.

She has no intention of pursuing a modeling career, this is a quick way to get her enough money saved to get her on her feet while staying in the guest room at the studio, then onto her dream, film school. But the “Tragic” campaign pushing them into hot-and-heavy-land Very quickly, their chemistry is off the charts on and off the set and their relationship moves a little too fast for Rook.

Ronin wants more, he wants everything and now with Rook, but her need to be independent and be in control of her life is something that could push them apart.
Can these two make a real go at it? It’s a trilogy, so you are going to just have to get comfy and hold on for an amazing ride 😉

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