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Waiting, Hoping, Wishing by [Starr, Nic]

Waiting, Hoping, Wishing
by Nic Starr

I love a good Bestie to lover story, don’t we all? but sadly this one didn’t quite make my heart flutter.

Dean has been crushing on his bestie, Matt, forever but thinks that ship has sailed since Matt moved to another state with his boyfriend and has never really shown he wanted more than friendship.

That is until Matt is single and lands on Deans doorstep.

I jumped right into this after read a short story of Nic’s (Sticky Fingers) feeling like I just needed a full-on HEA. And while I got my HEA I feel a little disappointed.

This story focused way too much on the trivial day to day crap and not enough on the actual unfolding and developing of their relationship. Not to mention that Matt wasn’t present for around half of the actual story, which was a total bummer. I would have really loved to have seen more of them together instead of Dean being a sad sack for the majority of the book.

All in all, it was still a sweet story and a solid 3 Kinky Heels for me <3

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