❣️❣️ Review ❣️❣️ Warrior Forever: Warriors in Heat #1 by Amber Bardan


Warrior Forever: 
Warriors in Heat #1
by Amber Bardan

1 Star for Thor

Oh lord! I don’t even know how to review this as I can’t even explain what the hell I just read.

So long story short is that Leila, a human, has been abducted by aliens who basically want to use her as a breeder or meat, yep you read that right. Anyway, Leila is saved by a “computer”, Macca, who never is what she seems, sneaky alien computer bitch.

They find themselves helpless and stranded in the homeland of the Boraian, the most feared warriors of all. Needing food and water to survive, Macca sends Leila to go searching, which leads her right onto the path of the larger than life warrior, Thor, who wants nothing but to mate and marry Leila.

I went into this thinking I was going to get a decent read with a tone of LOL moments, I mean it’s Amber and her work is incredible. But this? This story went from pretty interesting, to funny as hell, to insanely stupid so fast that I near got whiplash.

Macca bugged me in so many ways and Leila . . . . while she was a strong character and I did like her in parts, she just got under my skin and made me wish the Jababest ate her lol

what made me keep reading when I wanted to mark this as DNF?
Thor, he was such an adorable creature, I mean he tried to understand Leila and mimic things she did to make her happy And I mean hey, he vibrates 😉


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