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we were memories
by Brandi Aga

I . . . . Well . . . . What the fuck Brandi?!

So if you follow me anywhere you would have already seen I became a wee bit of a Brandi stalker lol What can I say, this book is . . . . I actually can’t find the words to describe what she has done with this debut novel of her! Huge congrats Brandi, it’s beyond incredible and deserves more than 5 stars.

Everyone knows I don’t do angst-filled, I don’t do cheating, and I don’t like cliffhangers in my books, my heart just can not handle that shit and I end up so angry with the characters (and most the time everyone else lol). This book has all that and then some. I laughed, cried, swooned, got beyond angry (with Brandi too, sorry boo!), and then got so sad I sobbed uncontrollably and needed the ice cream.

Seriously, the feels are so on point with this story that I took ugly cry to a whole new level. And do not start me with the ending! Nope, I totally book-drunk inboxed Brandi (Friends shouldn’t let other friends book-drunk inbox authors, just sayin’ Ang 😉 ) because I was so intoxicated with Roman and Leylah.

Leylah is unhappily married to Ryan.
He is never home and has all but emotionally shut down when it comes to their relationship. Ley tries everything in her power to reconnect with her husband, that is until she receives a message from the dating app her bestie installed on her phone.

*sigh* Roman Blackhart (aka my hubby)

They make each other feel alive, wanted, happy, I mean they are totally soulmates (evil glares at Brandi) and Ley throws caution, and her marriage, to the wind and dives heart-first into a relationship with Roman.

These two are perfect for each other, I mean hello, soulmates! But they also come with a lot of secrets, like a lot and those secrets are what pushes them apart.

This book is heartbreaking, and I don’t just mean you will get a little upset with some things, I mean it plays havoc on your nerves (and your nails), makes your head and heart pound and leaves you so emotionally crippled throughout the entire story.

The ending . . . I totally did not see that coming but am more than ready for the next installment to Roman and Ley.

Omg, so between this review and making the mistake of filling my bestie in on this story the next day because she totally won’t deal with this and I have totally started tearing up again!
Smh, I am off to eat all the chocolate while I try to get over this hangover and wait for Miss Brandi to give me more of my newest hubby!

Be sure you grab some comfort food, tons of tissues and a snuggle buddy before you dive into this baby!



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