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Wicked Bride Games (Indecent Games Book 1) by [Wild, Clarissa]

Wicked Bride Game
y Clarissa Wild 

This story is The Bachelor meets Hunger Games.  It’s like a game show for rich brothers to find their bride. 

Three brothers Max, Devon and Anthony have nine girls completing for $50 million so to break it down the brothers want to fuck all nine girls to see who’s worthy of these rich assholes. 

A few things bothered me the amount of money was ridiculous. The girls didn’t seriously think they would walk away with $50 million each did they. 

Basically, these girls are to be their Sex slave, they are to do what ever they boys want.

The brothers do some really fucked up stuff like putting cum in their soup I almost gagged reading this. The brothers are psychotic you are reading this thinking what the fuck am I reading. 

I know this is called Wicked but it bordered on ridiculous, stupid and just plain disgusting. We learn it’s what their father did with his brothers orchestrated by their grandfather so it’s a family thing. The only thing that saves this story for me is Naomi, she’s kick ass, she was doing this for her parents to get them out of their financial stripe. 

There’s no romance, no wooing but the sickening act of these twisted fuck in the head brothers.  Not sure who this book should appeal too and I do read dark romance but this goes way beyond that. 

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