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Acrobat by [Calmes, Mary]

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“Who gives a damn what a man does in his bed? It only matters what the man does in the world, for the people he loves.”

Alrighty . . . . Bare with me while I try and get a review that will be coherent.

I was recommended this book and by far it is the best recommendation ever, this is my #1 MM read and is going to be Very hard to top.

Alright, let us start with Nate.
The hot 45-year-old English Professor who is genuinely an all-around great guy who is loved and adored by his son, his ex-wife, her hubs, his students, work college, pretty much everyone he comes in contact with, especially Michael Fiore, the sixteen-year-old kid next door who has kind of adopted Nate as his fill in parent when he moved in with his Uncle Dreo after his mother passed away four years earlier.

After coming out of a 2-year secret relationship with closeted Duncan, Nate is left heart broken. Fast forward a year and a half and he is still in a bit of a slump after losing the man he believes he loved but is ready to get back on the horse, so to speak. When his former student that he has been crushing on makes it known he is very much interested in the older, hot Professor, Nate decides to give the good Doctor Sean a try. And try he does. Sean is . . . . an ass lol Sorry it has to be said.  
The timing was way off for these two, with Sean wanting to explore all his options and Nate wanting to find someone he can settle with. It didn’t take too long to realize that while he was gorgeous, they just weren’t what the other really needed, wanted.

Thank God for that too, because if that was the case, sexy Italian Mob muscle Andreo “Dreo” Fiore wouldn’t have had a chance with the man he has been in love with for the last four years as he watched his neighbor care for and basically help raise his nephew, even if they had barely spoken.

Dreo comes across as your typical Italian Mob guy, perfect toned body, dark hair and darker eyes with a deep husky voice, a questionable past and a feared reputation to boot. But that is just the surface of Dreo. He is trying to be a man that his nephew can be proud of and the man that Nate deserves, but to do that, he must leave the line of work and lifestyle he is in, which isn’t an easy feat. Italian Mob’s aren’t too forgiving with homosexuality it seems nor are they easy to get away from.

Being with someone like Dreo is dangerous, no matter how hot the man is, you just know here is going to be some trouble with these two. But hey, it’s alright, Everything will be fine, promise 😉

This seriously turned into an insta-love, and normally I just do not get into that, but there is something so real, so raw about Nate and Dreo, it just works, you know?

My only complaint is that I want more! I want more Dreo, I want to see inside his head when he looks at Nate, and how this little family full of love and support grows. Come on Mary, these guys need a book two! You know you wanna 😉

“I never thought—” He caught his breath. “—that you could want me.”
“You’re so beautiful. Anyone would want you.”
“No,” he said, his voice a deep rumble in his chest. “When I’m with you, just standing with you, I’m different, lighter, softer…. Your influence, you change me.”

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