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Five by [Huss, JA]


by JA Huss


Can I leave that as my review? I mean, come on, it’s FIVE!

Argh! Ok, Ok! I will do better 😉

I have waited for what seems like Forever for Five and Rory and the wait was so worth it.

This story pulls and pushes you in so many directions, you are left a little whiplashed, but you get used to that with Julies work.

Being the son of Ford (fucking Ford – lovey eyes) and the daughter of Spencer (drooly face), these two are soulmates, they have been destined to be together from the start. But Five had to leave Rory behind, cutting all ties and leaving the Shrike Princess beyond heartbroken.

Fast forward 6 years and Rory’s heart still belongs to Five, but she has moved on with her life when she gets a call from her brother Oli, that turns her entire world upside down. Five is back.

Five’s life hasn’t been all parties and girls like Rory has conjured up in her head. Being a genius hacker like his equally phenomenally gifted father (sigh, Ford) comes with a lot of risks.

Gah!! Ok, pause! I cant continue. There are too many spoilers that are threatening to leak out!

This is a super sweet, fast-paced, suspenseful read that ends far too soon for my likings. But hey, there is more to come.

Five is the start of The Mister series and Can be read as a standalone, and even though this one gives you a lot of background on Five and Rory, I seriously encourage you to start from the start, with Tragic where you can learn, fully understand and appreciate this little world that Julie has created <3

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