★ Review ☆ Freshman Orientation, Pauer Bautam University #1, Brandon Reed

Freshman Orientation. 51pg ebook

Wow was this a fast story, and not in an altogether good way.

Ryan comes across as a very shallow man, looking for the newest hookup and one night stands via Facebook with his friend, searching for only twinks.
When he comes across Sean’s photo, he is instantly interested and contacts him, along with another.

After coming into contact with Sean during class, the book just dropped and became extremely rushed.
The sex scenes were indeed fast-tracked and all the interruptions became old very fast.
The main focus of this story is simply, Sex. And sadly not really good sex.
I gave this 1 star because of the car scene, it was the best part of the book (excluding the insta-love in the scene)

Overall, this consists of little character building, no growing relationship, awkward average sex, and annoying unbelievable insta-love.
I have heard this is part 1 of a 5 part series, I personally will not be finishing this series.

*** I received this via Netgalley from the author in exchange for an honest review. ***

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★ Review ☆ Monica, Songs of Submission # 7.5, CD Reiss

Book 7.5, Monica. 21pg ebook
Even in love, you need pain.”

So, it took me a few days to get myself together and actually read Monica, and boy was it a “band-aide”
Sing skipped Jonathan’s recovery altogether, but implies that things were a little gentler over for awhile, but then Jonathan roars back to his Dominant self, and then some. 
Well,  Monica starts 6 months after Jonathan gets home from the hospital, and deals with as he puts it, the borrowed thing in his chest.
He feels like himself, but not quiet. He senses something different. He is going through the motions of life but at a more steady pace.

“I still hadn’t adjusted to being two people in one body, and my wife knew it.”

While Monica loves her husband, she misses the old Jonathan, the rough and Dominant man she’s always known, she misses the way they have always been but knows she is lucky to have the time that she does with him, no matter how gentle he has become. 

“No human could continue to be a raging lion after having their heart ripped out.”

All it takes is one word, one simple word that was whispered, that rips through Jonathan’s core, reminding him of the man he is, of the woman before him, and of his need to tear her apart.


Boy does things heat up from here! 

“You can’t leave me until I destroy you.”“If you destroy me, I’ll never leave.”“Regularly.”

If you have read the others in the series, then you already know that CD’s sex scenes are fucking incredible, and this one is no exception. 
Jonathan is back and he is making up for lost time. 
Now, as I understand it, is the final book all about Jonathan and Monica 🙁 
But we do have more, Spin, Songs of Corruption #1,  The story is of Theresa Drazen, proper lady, and Antonio Spinelli, ambitious mobster
Not much else is out about it yet, other then the release date is March, 15th.
But I am hoping for more of Jonathan and Monica, it really can’t be over, can it.
At the end of Monica, CD leaves a little note, 

“So unless I can cover Jonathan and Monica’s story within the scope of the Drazen Sisters stories, I’ll make a brief return to Songs of Submission after Songs of Corruption is complete. Just enough to write Coda”

Pleaseeee CD, more of SOS after SOC 
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