★ New Release ☆ Tortured, Tortured Souls #1 by Kate Givans

Tortured Souls #1
By Kate Givans

Due to sexual content and graphic nature of some scenes, this book is intended for 18+ readers ONLY.
Potentially triggering content and concepts in books to follow. 

A dark and gritty, contemporary adult novel about loss, healing, and love’s ability to reach beyond scars and secrets, no matter how deep or hidden.

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More than a year after the death of his best friend, Josh is still tormented by the past. Everything changes when free-spirited Willow barges into his life. She challenges him, helps him feel something other than the overwhelming pain, sadness, and anger. There’s just one problem. 

Underneath that carefree spirit, Willow is elusive and secretive. Josh believes she may be fighting a few demons of her own, but he harder he tries to uncover the truth, the more she pushes him away. 

Can Josh get her to open up before it’s too late? Or will he discover that some secrets are better left untold?

We’re all afraid of something. Spiders. Heights. The dark. Whatever the fear, there’s usually a story behind it – something that’s instilled it, given it the ability to manifest itself in everyday life. 
But there’s one fear that needs no explanation, one that almost everyone has.
The fear of death.  
Inevitable and unpredictable, death is something we all think about at some point in our lives. We realize that, someday, we’ll simply cease to exist. And it could happen in the blink of an eye. No warning. No way out. No do-overs.
I’m not like most people though. To me, death is peace. Peace from pain, and from an existence much worse than death: torture.
Your body is still alive. You know exactly what’s happening to you – the endless cycle of pain and mental anguish, the constant drip, drip on your forehead.
At first, you’re optimistic, hope it’ll end, that maybe someone will come along and save you. Then comes acceptance: this is now your life, and there’s no way out except death. You start wishing for each breath to be your last.  
I know what it’s like to reach that state of mind, to feel like your situation is hopeless. It’s a long road back, but trust me, there’s someone out there that cares. They’re looking for you, ready to free you from your chains.
Just be careful.
Sometimes salvation can rip you from the inside out, and before you know it, you’re right back to where you started. 


Quirky, clumsy, and always a little off-key, Kate Givans has always loved books and the words contained within. Now that she’s writing the stories, she’s filling them with broken characters, angst, and even a few of those happily-ever-afters that seem to evade us in real life.
When not writing, this wife and mother of five can be found guzzling coffee, day-dreaming, dancing for no reason at all, playing with the voices in her head, watching her favorite shows (Originals, Grey’s, OUAT, The Following), listening to music, and reminding herself to “breathe.”
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★ Review ☆ Perfectly Normal, Beast #2 by Jaden Wilkes

“Scars are not a disfigurement, they are a sign telling the world that you fucking survived whatever it was that tried to kill you.”


Firstly, I will clear this up. This book is what happens between last chapter and the epilogue of The Beast. 
Holy fuck this book is H.O.T! 
I love how we get the journey these two had to take to get from the final chapter and the epilogue of The Beast. Dimi, Columbia and the trusty concierge, Nico (Finally, a name!) are in Hong Kong, hiding out and training Columbia to keep herself safe. But that all changes when she wants more, she wants to be the one to put an end to the man who haunts her Dimi’s every waking moment. 
Nico is in charge of training Columbia and is anything but gentle with her. He throws his all at her, wanting her to succeed, knowing the outcome for Dimi if anything should happen to her. The more time they spend together, the more things heat up. Their relationship takes a delicious turn, they each learn to respect the other’s position.
The sex  ….. its Jaden Wilkes! need I really say more? 

Rough, hard, violent, threesomes, loving, sweetI’m surprised the pages didn’t catch on fire with the sex


“I am not jealous because you are mine…as I am not jealous for the night sky taking the sun, or the clouds from hiding the moon…I know in my heart, in my head, and in my soul that you are mine and I do not need to prove it. I am not some young stallion who has to fight for dominance in his herd. I am the dominant one, as surely as the sun will return and the moon will shine again, you are mine and mine alone. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Watching Dimi and Columbia grow together is an amazing thing. Dimi opens up more, his softer, tender side with his little dove is breathtaking. Columbia is becoming more solid, gaining more confidence in herself and her place with Dimi and their new world. 

“We weren’t living, we were just surviving. Limping along with half our heart.”


The epilogue at the end…. Hurry up book 3, I Need to know what’s next! 

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★ Book Blitz ☆ Reflect Me Series by K.B Webb

 Reflect Me
Publication date: September 20th, 2013
Print length: 294 pages
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


If you’re looking for a story about a sweet, innocent virgin who rides off into the sunset with a reformed bad boy, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

Some people don’t get a happily ever after. Molly Scott is one of those people, and she knows it. With the kind of past that she has, and the secrets that she holds, she knows that even if she found Prince Charming, he wouldn’t want her. She refuses to dwell on her less than ideal situation though. This is her life, no point in complaining.

Logan Wade had his life planned out, until all his dreams came crashing down around him. Now, he’s come back to the town he swore he would never see again to start fresh. He has no plans to ever settle down again, that’s how he ended up back here in the first place. 

When Molly and Logan meet, they are forced to rethink the lives they thought they knew and the futures they were so sure they wanted. Suddenly, Molly wonders if there is a better life outside of the hell she has built for herself, and Logan begins to rethink his resistance towards settling down again. 

They say love conquers all, but Molly and Logan are about to find out that sometimes love just isn’t enough.

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 Follow You Down
Publication date: June 19th, 2014
Print length: 178 pages
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Dani Hartley is running from heartbreak and shame. She needs a new beginning, a fresh start with no commitments or attachments. What she definitely doesn’t need is a gorgeous cocky sex god trying to fly in and play Superman. 

Lucas Wade knows a thing or two about running. He has secrets in his past so dark they’ve turned part of his heart black. He only truly cares about two people in the world, his mother and little brother Logan. With the past that he has, the last thing he wants or needs is a mouthy red head busting into his life trying to get to know him and his secrets. 

What started as one night of passion quickly turns into a mess of feelings and desires that neither Dani nor Lucas can deny. But, what happens when two lost souls try to save each other all while working to keep their own secrets hidden. 

How far down would you follow someone to save them from them self? And how do you save them if they don’t want to be rescued?
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Meet The Author;

K.B. Webb is an Amazon bestselling author. She lives in a small Louisiana town with her husband, two daughters, and crazy dog. She stays home during the day being a full time mom and spends her nights writing. When she’s not writing or chasing after two kids, she loves to read, cook, and watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns

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★ Review ☆ The Beast by Jaden Wilkes


“You belong to me now; in the end you will find your freedom through this ownership. In losing the ability to make your own decisions, in knowing that every single day that I choose to let you live might possibly be your last…in giving yourself to me completely, you will be free to heal yourself and see yourself whole. I am going to take the broken parts of you and mend them back together. I will do this for you if you give yourself to me.”


I finished this book 2 days ago, and am only now getting my bearings back to write this review, might I add, I have sat here for over an hour trying to make sense of my ravings about this book.

Due to the dark nature of this book and the fact it has been banned in the past, This book comes with a warning from Jaden, one you should read before picking up the book.



This is a classified as a dark erotic novel. It deals with some pretty heavy themes. It may trigger those who have experience sexual abuse, rape, violence, basically a shitty childhood or life in general. I must be kind of messed in the head, because I thought it was a touching story full of amazing imagery and people with hearts that continue to beat and seek the beauty in the world in spite of life grinding them into nothingness. Apparently some early reviewers have found mainly the darker elements, so consider this your warning, for what it’s worth. This is not a fairy tale, this is what happens when the music ends and life goes on after the credits roll. This is about simply existing until you find yourself and write your own happily ever after, no matter what form it takes.

Now, with that being said, let’s move on.

No stranger from violence, Dimitri endures abuse from his father through childhood, finally having enough at the age of 12 years old, he takes a step into the line of violence, lies, and murder, and he started it all off with murdering his father. Homeless and running the streets, hee was brought into the Russian Mafia, Bravata by Sergei, his once trusted mentor, and he quickly climbed his way up the ranks, earning himself the title, The Enforcer.

Within the walls of the Bravata, the rumors circulated that Dimitri was trying to take over, Sergei attempted to take him out, but fails, sending Dimitri into hiding to heal and plot his revenge. 

It was worth waiting for. Sergei had many vulnerable spots; it was just a matter of deciding which one would hurt the most when hit.

Columbia, also not a stranger to an abusive life. Her mother is never around, leaving her with her alcoholic and abusive stepfather and a sister she is determined to protect at all costs. 

Columbia is a cutter. She cuts to free herself from her life, free herself to feel in control of herself.

“The entire experience had an otherworldly feel and for the first time in months she felt in control of her environment.”

While trying to save her community from a huge development, and to impress a guy, Columbia, and her activist’s group decide the best course is to take things head on, to sneak into the penthouse of the man responsible for it all and demand some answers. Little did she realize, she was volunteering to go into the lair of a beast. 

Dimitri, paranoid that everyone is out to get him, instantly views her as a threat, as someone who is sent to finally end him. He stops at nothing to get answers as to who sent her, slapping, punching and near choking her to death, Columbia fights back, determined to make him believe her, determined to survive.
When he finally believes her, he realizes he can’t let her leave. Ever.

“I have decided that you will stay with me. I have never had a pet, but I think I will make an exception for a girl like you.”


Things move really fast and before you know it, Columbia gives in to her attraction and these two are so intensely in need of each other, body and heart, finding each other’s imperfections to be beautiful, finding that their needs, wants and desires of pain and domination were their “normal.”  A twisted and yet very sexy kind of insta-love.


“I am inside of you, I have your life in my hands. I could close my hand and break your neck, but I don’t… I pleasure you instead. I bring you pleasure, I bring you life. Never forget that.”

I know you all want to know, what about the sex? Extreme!

Dimitri’s  raw need to totally dominate and own Columbia is matched by her desires to be claimed by her beast in such panty-singeing details I found myself trying to read faster just to speed it up and get the release I was begging for from their intense connection.

“They came together, pain and blood and sweat and tears a testament to the bond they were forging in that moment. Something deeper than love, something bigger than either of them, and something so far beyond the realm of normal that it was almost mythical.”

There is no in between for this book, it’s Intense! Either you have incredible mind-blowing orgasmic highs, or you are left sitting there with your heart made into a smoothie courtesy of Jaden 😉

If you are a lover of the dark, twisted and, pain induced mind shattering orgasms, this is one to add to the TRB list, along with its follow-up, Perfectly Normal

“Don’t ever apologize for loving me so hard that it hurts. Every time you take me to the edge of death, and let me live, I know I am your truest love. I know you would die without me, and I cherish that with every beat of my heart.”


★☆Public Service Announcement from Jaden Wilkes
Life is not a fucking fairy tale. I am pleased you enjoyed my novel, the story of two people able to find one another in this dark and terrible world. Two people who worked through their pain and past hurts to find a way to overcome all that caused them injury. This is not how it works in real life. If any man hits you, abuses you, basically exhibits any of the sociopathological traits shown by pretty much all the men in this novel, run! Call the Domestic Violence hotline in your neck of the woods and get out. Your vagina is not magical, your love is not a healing elixir, and if he hurts you now, it will get worse. Write your own happily ever after and find yourself.

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