★ Review ☆ Follow, Social Media #1 by JA Huss

Woah! JA Huss, I love you! 

Social media hashtag whore @FilthyBlueBird, aka Grace, has been obsessing about heartthrob movie star Vaughn Asher for years. Every dirty thought she has had about him has been turned into 140 character tweet, hashtag included.

@VaughnAsher My bare pussy. Your tongue. #ThingsIThinkAboutToGetOff

 Vaughn Asher,  child actor turn panty melting A-lister knows what he wants, and doesn’t mind breaking one’s spirit to get it, he only demands you keep your mouth shut about his darker, kinkier side.

  “I fuck them. I use them. I pay them off. I find another.”

 When these two collide their desires take over, Vaughn wants her and won’t take no for an answer, Grace doesn’t really want to say no, she wants the fantasy she has lived out in her mind. That is until she sees the other side of Vaughn. The domineering, forceful and humiliating man who still gets her juices flowing but infuriates her to no end.

His dirty mouth and sweeter side keep’s her coming back for more, even though she knows she should run.

“I think from this moment forward I will divide my adult life up into two parts. Everything that came before I met the movie star on the beach. And everything that came after.”

 Vaughn doesn’t like to be turned down,  but there is something about Grace that has got under his skin, he needs to have her,  offering her a “free trial” of what could be if she submits. He wants this with her, more than he has with any before.

Will her wet dreams come true? Will he get everything he wants?

Or will she discover the dirty taking kinky man behind the movies isn’t what she imagined?

I friggin love this book and can not wait for the next to find out what’s next. 

This is the first novella in a series of 6 that will be released every 2 weeks.

Each novella has a cliffhanger, but let me tell you, it’s so worth it!

If you think the sexy tweets and the panty-wetting cover are hot, that’s nothing to what’s between the pages!

Grab it now and get on board with the Social Media series! 

Available Now: 

Amazon / B&N / iBooks


Social Media Series;
#1, Follow – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#2, Like – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#3, Block – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#4, Status – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#5, Profile – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
#6, Home – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
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★ Cover Reveal ☆ Big Game: Hunted Love #1 by Aden Lowe



Big Game: Hunted Love 1


Aden Lowe

Release Date:

September 15, 2014


Western Romance



When a legendary predator decides prize horses should be on his menu, Kate takes the advice of her neighbor ranchers and hires a big game hunter to track the mountain lion and remove the threat. The hunter arrives to take up the trail, but instead of the seasoned older man she expects, he’s young and impossibly sexy.

Freshly back from deployment to Afghanistan as a special forces operative, Jakob needs to clear his head of the horrors of war. When his uncle is injured, Jakob steps in to fulfill the older man’s commitment to hunt down a mountain lion on the other side of the state. The prospect of several days in the wilderness with only his horses and dogs for company sounds like the ideal opportunity. Except the infuriating female rancher insists on going along for the ride.


A faint noise drew Jakob from the twilight that precedes waking, straight into full alert. Unsure what disturbed him, he lay still and allowed his eyes to open a bare slit. Just his luck that mountain lion would be prowling through camp. Unable to spot anything out of place, he sat up, careful not to move too quickly and get his head injury in an uproar again.

Splashing, louder than the stream flowing over the rocks, drew his attention. Fascination froze him in place for an instant, forcing him to just watch. At the creek, Kate straightened and squeezed water from her hair, then flipped it back to swing down her naked back. Water droplets clung to her pale skin like crystals, refracting the light and mesmerizing him.

She half-turned to retrieve something from the ground, revealing the curve of one breast. The sound of Jakob’s agonized groan must have carried, because she straightened and turned to face him, moving too quickly, and lost her balance.

Head wound forgotten, he leaped up and dove across the small camp area in an attempt to catch her before she could fall into the icy water. She recovered just as he reached her, and stood facing him, breathing hard. Something in her face had changed and for the first time since meeting her, Jakob felt as if she actually saw him. The unreachable Ice Queen was gone, and in her place…

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About the Author, Aden Lowe.

As an English major in college, I took a summer job as a proofreader for a small town newspaper, and got hooked on editing. I also worked my way through college training horses. After graduation, I landed a job for a small independent editing firm, and stayed there for 15 yrs. An old friend, Lucian, approached me to edit his special fiction project, and I got hooked. After an insane few months editing his Dom Wars series for him, Lucian convinced me I should try my hand at writing as well. I’m his co-author for Round Six, the final Dom Wars installment, and we will co-write the White Knight Academy series as well. And in Sept 2014, I’ll release my debut solo work, an Erotic Western with BDSM elements, “Big Game: A Hunted Love Novella”. In addition, I have a military series in the planning stages.

Social Links:

WebsiteFacebook / TwitterPinterestAmazonInstagram



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★ Cover Reveal ☆ Ruin, Songs of Corruption #2 by CD Reiss.

Ruin front full
Title: Ruin (Songs of Corruption, #2)
Author: C.D. Reiss
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: October 14, 2014
What happens when a mob capo falls for a lawful woman?
Does he ruin her, or does she ruin him?
Do they live together, or die together?
This is Antonio Spinelli’s story.

WARNING: This book contains delicious sex scenes with a hot man dirty-talking in Italian; women handling firearms and explosives; and scenes of violence with a crystal virgin Mary cigarette lighter.


Pre-Order Ruin today!


Spin (Songs of Corruption, #1)

Mafia capo, Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cyclone.

Gorgeous and passionate, with a breathtaking brutality, he put me under his spell the moment he touched me, drawing me into his underworld of risk, violence and betrayal.

And I found, just as this sophisticated savage didn’t trust me, I didn’t trust myself. Something happened to me. Some alchemy from the heat between us.

I discovered I was a savage, too.

About the Author

CD Reiss

CD Reiss lives smack in the middle of Los Angeles with her children and husband. She likes to make pretty pictures and write dirty scenes. She eats dark chocolate and chili, together, sometimes with bacon, and doesn’t care what you think about that.

There are a million more things she could tell you about herself besides that, but they’re all too boring to mention in company.


love 2 



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★ Release Day Blitz ☆ Beast #2 by Ella James

This is an erotic fairy tale inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Yes or no?  What will she do?  Can Annabelle redeem Beast with her heart intact, or will her time at La Rosa Prison ruin her? Find out who Beast really is in the dark, erotic retelling of Beauty & The Beast.

Purchase on Amazon

“You look nervous,” he says. His hand, still in my hair, turns to my cheek. It’s warm. Smells good. “Come and sit down.”
He takes my hand and leads me to a window seat. A built-in bench, pressed up against a wall of glass. He wraps his hands around my waist and lifts me up. Sits me down up there. My eyes scan the patchy, dirt-strewn yard outside. The way the rain smashes off the ground and into something else. The sky is white. Stark white.

“Just a minute,” he says.

My mind screams as he steps away. He reaches onto some shelves along the wall and grabs an armful of navy blue blankets. Painters’ blankets, I realize as he holds them out for me. He sits them on the bench beside me. Smooths one out. Lifts me up and sits me on it. Then he tucks another one behind me.

“Thank you,” I murmur. Despite the blankets’ tattered appearance, they seem soft enough. There’s no paint on them, and they don’t smell like it. Another one unfolded by his big hands, tucked around me.

“You got wet. Warm up a moment.”

I sit there because my brain is broken and my heart feels puffed up like a balloon.

He climbs up behind me and gently nudges me forward. He leans his torso up against mine, spreads his legs around my butt and thighs. Strong hands begin to knead my shoulders.

“Don’t be nervous here, Angel. I’ll take care of you. Always.”

About Ella James
Ella James is a Colorado author who writes teen and adult romance. She is happily married to a man who knows how to wield a red pen, and together they are raising a feisty two-year-old who will probably grow up believing everyone’s parents go to war over the placement of a comma.
Ella’s books have been listed on numerous Amazon bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 100; two were listed among Amazon’s Top 100 Young Adult Ebooks of 2012.
To find out more about Ella’s projects and get dates on upcoming releases, find her on Facebook and follow her blog.
Questions or comments? Tweet her or e-mail her  Here

Website     /  Facebook    /  Twitter  /  Amazon Author Page

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★ Review ☆ Incandescent, Knights Rebels MC #1 by River Savage

“Tell me, Kadence, if I stuck my hand down these tight-as-sin jeans,” his finger trails along the tops of my pants, “and touched your pussy, would you be wet for me?”

Kadence Turner is finally putting her life back together after a brutal incident that has left her scarred, both physically and emotionally, cause by her ex-fiancé. 

Believing that her nightmare is over, she picks up the pieces, moves on with her life, and takes her dream job, a position as a school teacher.

Her life is back on track, until the father of one of her students walks in the door, this sassy, give as good as she gets woman is floored. Desire takes over.

No man has ever instilled lust and anger just by looking at me. His presence screams confidence and testosterone, right down to the way he ran his eyes over me.

Nix, a.k.a Phoenix Knight. The sweet, possessive, alpha and sexy-as-sin President of the Knights Rebels MC has worked hard at becoming the man he is today. Wanting a better life for himself, his brothers and his son, Zayden aka Z, he fights to give the Knights Rebels a make-over. Bringing the MC out of the illegal dealings from his father’s time reigning, Nix keeps his nose, and the clubs out of trouble, giving it more of a family vibe.
Then his ex-wife springs a parent teacher meeting on him. He walks in with pure annoyance at being there…. until his eyes land on Kadence.

 There’s this air of innocence about her, but at the same time, I know this woman could destroy me.

Kadence isn’t ready to admit her attraction to Nix and does everything she can to convince herself that she needs to stay away from him. Nix, doesn’t take no for an answer, having her running through his mind since the moment laying eyes on the woman who sasses and challenges him at every turn, he will not give up until he has her.

Kadence give in to her desires, letting her vagina take over with their crazy banter, his dirty mouth, and the electric attraction. Once night can’t hurt, right? 

A spark ignites with every kiss and every touch, his words fueling the flame further. I can see myself catching fire, burning incandescently for him.

Nix slowly brings down the walls she has placed around herself, and Kadence let him in, showing him her insecurities. He knows he has never felt this way with anyone and is willing to wait as long as it takes for Kadence to realize she feels the same way.  

Like all MC, danger is never far from sight, with rivals and the past reaching its ugly hand out to reek havoc and Z acting out and withdrawing, it threatens to push Nix and Kadence to their breaking point. 

“You still falling in lust, Kadence? Or are you willing to admit you already fell?”

Are these two strong enough rise above and find their HEA?

Grab the book and find out, you will not be disappointed. 

I love a good alpha biker story, but let’s face it, so many sound the same these days, just with a different name. Thankfully that’s not the case with River Savage’s first book in her Knights Rebels MC stand alone series, I can not wait to hear more from this series and hopefully some updates on Nix and Kadence, cause let’s face it, Nix has forced his way into my top 5 book boyfriend list <3

Available at:

Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Amazon UK / B&N / Kobo / iBooks

Knights Rebels MC Series

Rebels #2, Affliction;
Review / Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Amazon UK
B&N / Kobo / iBooks
Knights Rebels #2.5, Reclaimed;
Review / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AU
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Lil Maso Nix
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★ Review ☆ One Night: Promised by Jodi Ellen Malpas

 “Because something as beautiful as this should be savoured, not rushed.”


I will admit, I was a little unsure how I would feel starting One Night: Promised.

I mean how can you follow up on such an epic story like Jesse and Ava’s?

Well lovelies, I am here to tell you Jodi Ellen Malpas has done just that!

While Jesse will always be The Man for me, Miller isn’t too far behind. I  mean I could totally see Miller at The Manor

Olivia, Livy has locked up her heart and is solely existing, taking care of her grandmother is her biggest excuse to hide away and shield herself from her fears of becoming like her mother.

She doesn’t go out, she doesn’t drink and she certainly doesn’t get involved with men….

Until Miller.

“His piercing blue eyes burning into me. Deep, deep into  me. My gaze drifts and takes in his open suit jacket, a waistcoat and pale blue shirt and tie, his dark stubbled jaw, and the way his lips are parted just so. Then I find those eyes again.” 

This cocky, and mysterious yet deliciously gorgeous perfection of a man blows in and lands under Livy’s skin immediately, leaving her mesmerized from the second he opens his mouth.

But Miller is your typical gentleman, he has his own whirlwind of issues, and one is now Livy.

“I need to force myself to stay away from you.” 

Miller can’t seem to stay away from her, even knowing that he needs to, that she deserves more than just ” the best fuck of her life.”

Livy is confused by the gorgeous irritating man and the feelings he draws out in her, she knows nothing of him, yet he is beginning to change her life with one single proposition.

“All I can offer you is one night….You get to be worshiped by me for twenty-four hours.”

No commitments, just this cocky, sex-oozing man worshiping her for an entire night, seriously, who’s not going to take that?

Miller surrounds Livy with everything she never believed in, a man who adores her, is tender, gentle. But also one who is incredibly moody closed off and secretive. Nevertheless, he has changed her world, he has made her feel.

“He’s made me reckless and irrational. He may make me feel alive, but he makes me feel lifeless just a quickly.”

It is not at all one-sided, Livy has most defiantly crashed through Miller’s perfectly organized world, awakening something inside him he didn’t know he possessed.

The constant push and pull these two have is electrifying, it’s more than just a sexual obsession with each other.

“I’m a man who’s found a beautiful, sweet girl who gives me more pleasure than I ever thought possible.” 

There’s love, unimaginable hot sex, funny banter, a quirky Nan that makes you laugh, cry and want to tell her to but-out. The gay bestie who’s feisty as hell and the annoying work friend. But it also has growth, and heartbreaking moments, JEM blended my heart a few times in her This man series, and she’s done it again with One Night.

I urge you all to go grab a copy of this book, you will not be disappointed.

Available at the following;
US; Amazon / B&N / iTunes / Kobo 

CANADA; Amazon
AUSTRALIA; Amazon / iTunes / Kobo / Google Play
UK; Amazon / iTunes

Also Available at Audio Books Now

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