★ About  Reviews ☆ 

In light of a few issues recently, we feel this is something that needs to be addressed.

There is NO author bashing on SROKK, there never has been, nor will their ever be. That doesn’t mean that we will shy away from leaving a negative review. If one of Us doesn’t like a book, be prepared that we will rate it accordingly.

The amount of drama received on us not giving a positive review, right down to being asked to remove the review is really ridiculous. Authors/PA/promotors contact us and offer an ARC for Our honest opinions, yet that seems to be only applying if a 4-5 star rating is left. In all honestly, we can not be bothered with extra drama.

We don’t get paid in any way shape or form to read, review or promote an authors work, yet we spend hours and hours a day away from our family, friends and children, doing so because we love the book community and because we want to share Our opinions on books we love. That also extends to the ones we dislike.

So, in closing, please remember when you submit a ARC, while we may accept it, just know that Our Honest Opinions will be left on what we liked or disliked on the BOOK. We will not be taking down reviews because someone doesn’t like Our opinion.

 Stay humble 



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