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Book 4, Control. 158pg ebook
“I’m yours. My pleasure is yours. My wet pussy is yours. You own me, Jonathan. You are the master of my fuck.” 
CD, I love you woman, but I don’t really like you at the moment ::insert sad face::
At the end of book 3, I questioned if CD could hold the control. In short, The woman has me like putty in the palm of her hand. 
It’s been a few hours since I finished the book, I was hoping a little time between would help me get my bearings back. I was wrong.
I was a little nervous about starting this one when I realized that it skips from Monica’s POV to Jonathan’s every other chapter. I have seen other’s attempt this, and also witnessed the disastrous end result.  Thankfully, CD is a kickass author who not only pulled this off but did it PERFECTLY. Getting more of a glimpse into Jonathan’s head and finding out exactly what’s going on in there, gives this series a whole new dimension. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be all up in Jonathan’s head? 
So, this picks up where Submit finished, with the budding, kinky romance between the King, Jonathan and his little goddess, Monica.
Jonathan is doing things he hasn’t done since his ex-wife, he is opening up a little, letting parts of himself show to Monica, even takes her on their first real date. And what a date that one is.

“I wanted to be under his control, under his dominance, under him. I wanted to forget myself in him, and to forget the shame of wanting it so bad.”

As they fall deeper into their roles of Dominant and submissive, Monica starts to accept who she truly is, and gives in to her own desires. And her heart. While Jonathan is letting go a little, he is still keeping a bit of distance. Or so he tells himself.
The sex….one word,  DAYUM!! When Jonathan slips into his Dominant persona, things heat up fast. Alternative restraints, whipped cream (and not used in the typical sexual way) and spankings to make it hard to sit, This book has it all as they move into more of an SM sexual relationship. These two also have their loving moments, but neither one can deny their true selves.  No matter how much sex these two have, it never gets old or boring, like in a lot of other books.

“Mine” he said, pressing my hand to where we coupled, his sliding shaft against my wet flash. “This is us together. I own it. This body is my plaything. Your ache is mine. Your orgasm is mine. Your hunger is mine. Your dirty thoughts are mine.”

Finally some light from Jonathan. His history is coming to the surface, bit by bit, he is sharing with Monica. But he still keeps his bigger secrets to himself, especially the one about Kevin. After buying Kevin’s art piece, “Faulkner Coal Mine”, he gains the rights to everything and finds some dark and disturbing truths about Kevin. Ones that leave him to worry about Monica’s safety.
Speaking of her safety, someone is keeping a close eye on Monica, monitoring her home and her every move, creepy stalker alert!! 
Monica’s career is looking promising, a big shot wants to hear her sing, something original, not a problem, or so she thought. That was until Jonathan’s sister and ex-wife walk in, and she realized that Jessica will Know it’s about her and Jonathan’s personal life. Topped off with the fact that she still hasn’t shared this with Jonathan, this could be a disaster.

“We wove words under Popsicle trees,The ceiling open to the sky, and you want to own me with you fatal grace and charmed words. All I own is a handful of stars, tethered to a bag of marbles that turns. Will you call me whore? Destroy me, make me lick the floor, twist me in knots, turn me into an animal? Will I be a vessel for you? Slice open your lying box, through a low doorway for our shoulds and oughts. Choose the things I don’t need, no careless moments, no mystery. And you need nothing. My backward bend doesn’t feed. I will own you, Tie you, I will collar you, Hurt you, Hold you, and take you. You will be a vessel for me.”

As normal, CD leaves you hanging with teary eyes and dying to know what happens next. 
Between his bitch ex-wife Jessica, her crazy ex Kevin, the song and the creepy stalking, can these two make it last? Well its off to read Burn
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