★ Review ☆ Deceitfully Yours, Bethany Bazile

Book 1, Deceitfully Yours. 238pg ebook

He kisses my neck, then says, “I want to know you in ways that will make you ache for me at night.

Kylie, young, beautiful and dangerous. Her life took a sharp turn at 19 when she met Mason and was dragged into a world of lies and theft. 
Mason controls her by fear, fear of what he has already done to the last person Kylie loved, that has not only scarred her emotionally but has trapped her to him, with no escape.
Seducing men to get close to them, to gain whatever it is her boss need of them is her game, one is has mastered perfectly, until Jude. 
Jude is meant to be another quick target, but her plan fails the second she lays her eyes on him, feeling a deeper pull towards him.

“The only things I know is it’s never about love. It’s always about lust until it isn’t anymore. then you’re curled up under the covers wondering when your vagina grew a heart.”

Jude is your typical dark hair, chocolate eyes, mouth watering dominate God. He is instantly attracted to Kylie, and against his own caution, he pursued her, but keeps her at arm’s length, for a time.
Things progress quite fast from hot steamy dungeon sex to sleep over and meeting the family, but all too soon Mason rears his head reminding Kylie of her job, that she belongs to him, get in and get the file and be gone, or her past will be re-lived. 

When the truth surfaces the tear between Jude and Kylie is devastating and their love for each other will be tested, but will it survive?

“I’m going to fuck you ruthlessly until your voice is hoarse and your pussy craves me day in and day out. Don’t try to take more than you can handle because you think you deserve it. If it’s too raw and dirty for you, you safe word.”

Twists, attraction, deceit, delicious kinky sex, love, and heartache, this book has it all.
The only drawback I have is it was a very slow start, and the ending seemed to be quite rushed.
Will keep an eye out for the next book, Jax and Stacia’s story, Defiantly Yours. Coming 2014, in hopes for some more of Jude and Kylie.

*I received this book in exchange for an honest review*
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