★ Review ☆ Fast and Mine by Sharon Page #RidingDesire

Fast and Mine. 92pg ebook

WOW, big 3.5 kinky heels! 

Thomas, the shy virgin college girl who hasn’t even had a kiss.
She has suffered nothing but a life of torment and bulling throughout her schooling, but now, she finally gets her chance with Trey, the boy she has been crushing on since high school.
After a disastrous first kiss, Claire decides to take matters into her own hands, looking into finding someone to hire to get her some experience to seduce Trey.
That’s when her room-mate recommends Sawyer.
Sawyer Tremaine, the drop dead gorgeous dirty blonde illegal street racer, known best for this amazing skills in bed and being the king of one night stands. 
After an awkward meeting between the two at a party and a strange proposition in a basement, Claire is out on her first date with Sawyer, something she didn’t think was going to happen.
It doesn’t take long for Claire to see that there is more to Sawyer than meets the eye,  this delicious biker is very family orientated, and knows how to treat a lady, but he has his secrets, ones that can get himself and Claire into a lot of trouble.
Amazing sex, murder, kidnapping and the dangers that come with being the girlfriend of Sawyer, is it all worth it in the end? 
This story is very fast paced, and that is not a bad thing at all, I would love to hear more about these two, see where life takes them.  
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