★ Review ☆ Genius and the Jock, Men of Holsum College # 7, Daisy Harris

Book 7, Genius and the Jock. 131pg ebook

“Show up with beer and burgers, be all domestic and shit. Make the guys think you’re cock docked.”

“Cock docked?” Griffin blinked at Noah through the water in his eyes, “What does that even mean?”

Noah Just laughed, the sound of it echoed off the damp walls. “You need to spend more time on the Internet, man.”  

4.5 for this one even though I would have to say this is my favorite. I just thought it could have been a little …. more.
The book starts three years earlier with Raj, the nerdy science type guy who takes on working as the towel boy in the locker room his freshman year. He finds it a challenge with all those sweaty naked bodies, especially Griff, the “tank” of the football team who gives him a hard time. 
Griff, your typical looking big and buff linebacker notices Raj’s eyes on him and is seemingly confused with how it makes him feel.
Things heat up in the locker room with a 
blowjob that not only leaves them to never speak again but also leaves them both struggling with their feelings.
Three years later…..
Griff is such a lovable guy, he is the complete opposite of what you would think for a jock, he has come a long way since that fateful first time. He takes on a job as the building security in the same lab that Raj is doing his research in. 
Raj is very quiet and has thrown himself into his work, leaving no time to make real friends, besides Cal and his boyfriend Tyler (Bossy and the Brat.)
Neither men have forgotten their first encounter. while Griff has longed to be with Raj again, Raj has hated him for what happened. Or he thought he did. 
As the night’s pass, Griffin is determined at convincing Raj that he has changed and wants another chance with him. Raj is just as determined, but at keeping his distance from Griffin.
It doesn’t take long for their friendship to blossom and move further.
The problem is they are both in the closet, and Raj most of all doesn’t know if he can or wants to be out.
It moves into the sex fairly quickly, and yes I know I have said this every review, the sex NEVER disappoints.  Watching them learn about each other’s needs, Raj’s dominance even while bottoming and Griffins loving gentleness, created some very hot and raw scenes.
Things go pear-shaped when one of Griffin’s teammates is a jerk to Raj, pushing things into perspective for Griffin, that he wants a proper relationship with Raj, where the world knows.
And this is where My problem is, and the reason for losing half a Kinky Heel. It was too rushed.
The “coming out” scenes for Griffin were really just a brief mentioning and then it was all over. 
I would have loved to have known how things played out in some detail.
As always though, it’s an HEA for these two college honeys.
I’m dreading the next book, as I know it’s my last time at Holsum College *sad face* 
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