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Alright lovelies, I know this is more of an out there page and something that’s not normally add on the blog.
But, recently a group of book loving, crazy ass, friends and myself have been giving each other really bizarre, over the top cray-cray erotica to read just for fun.
So … I’m adding this page because from here on out I will be updating with every new and insane story that gets thrown my way, along with a short review.

Poor Phyl has been dragged along for the fun!

If you guys have some out there books you would love to see one of us read, shoot us a message in the comments below and we will add it to our list.
Try keeping them short reads, nothing is off limits. Besides Clowns!
Clowns are a No-Go.

**Please remember, this is just for fun and in no way is there any intent of disrespect to the author or his/her work.**
~ Lil Maso ~ Saucy Siren ~ Phyl ~


Click on a book cover and see what we thought.


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