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The girls of Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner first found each other through their love of Rachael Wade and CD Reiss. Late night chats revealed they actually had quite a bit in common, particularly their love for hot, kinky reads.

Then they came up with a crazy idea… “What if we started a blog?” they wondered. They figured it just might be crazy enough to work. Turns out, they were right. SROKK has given Lil Maso, Saucy Siren, and Phyl a place to openly and freely discuss their latest and greatest book crushes and the authors that created them.

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The crazy fangirl from Australia who is happiest with a good book in her hand. She was a late bloomer, not finding her love for reading started in in her teens with none other than Raymond E Feist’s Magician series, and has since blossomed into a very big love affair. While she has read from many genres,  Fantasy, Crime, True story, Paranormal romance, and Romance. It wasn’t until she was introduced to Erotica, Dark Erotica and MM Romance that she found her true passion for books. It has been through authors like CD Reiss, Tiffany Reisz, CJ Roberts, River Savage, J.D SloaneJA Huss, Jaden Wilkes, Mary CalmesRoni Loren, Alexa RileyJodi Ellen MalpasDaisy HarrisRachael Wade, Kate Givans,  Red Phoenix, Sophie Morgan, Kade Boehme, Jeaniene Frost and so many more that she found her escape from the world. Between those hot, steamy and often dark pages is where she has found her most prized hubbies.

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When not reading, you will find her spending time with her fur-babies, on Insta and Facebook chatting away and getting up to no-good-craziness with booksties! 😉

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Always a little odd and out of sorts with the world, Saucy Siren found her home between the pages of books. She started with Little Golden Books and then graduated to Goosebumps, Nancy Drew, The Boxcar Kids, Little Women, Sweet Valley High, and more.

As she grew, she found some of the greatest loves of her life through authors like Stephanie Myers, Rachael Wade, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Stephen King, Sylvain Reynard, JA Redmerski, Belle Mallory, and many, many others. Never one to judge a book by its cover (or genre), she’s adored books from almost every genre, but her newest and greatest love has been found in the erotica and contemporary romance genres.

Steamy scenes are her personal faves, but those hot and sexy scenes have to have a plot line if it’s going to keep her interest. If successful, the author of that book can expect to be idolized (she’s been known to even create shrines). Okay, so that last part is a joke….maybe. 😉

**Transparency Disclosure: A year after SROKK began, Saucy Siren (AKA Author Kate Givans) published her first book. Although she does still occasionally review books here on SROKK, she does not participate in any promotional activities. Any references to her works are published and promoted by Lil’ Maso, and are treated the same as all other accepted promotions to preserve the integrity of this blog. This information is provided in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure.*** 




Phyl’s first read of romance was Jackie Collins. Lucky Santangelo still remains to this day her fave female character.

The Beautiful series by Jamie Mcquire, Twilight and FSOG and just some of the books that cemented her love of reading.

Single dads and opposites attract are automatic #1Click’s for Phyl and because of Fifty Shades, she fell completely in love with erotic reads. She doesn’t go very long without a hot and steamy read.

Some of her fave authors include;
Jamie Begley, Stylo Fantome, KC Lynn, TL Smith, Meghan March, Gillian Jones.

Phyl and Maso met through their mutual love of River Savage and have been up to no good ever since, normally fighting over their latest book hubbies 😉

Here at SROKK, we love both traditionally published and Indie authors. If you’d like us to review your book or a book you’re representing, be sure to check out our review policy and contact information.


Reader be warned: tantalizing bad boys, sexy alphas and mouthwatering doms can lead to some very interesting (and sometimes inappropriate) conversations. Under no circumstance is this blog meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18, nor is it for folks that prefer not to read explicit/adult content. 

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