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Carrie Aarons;
All the Frogs in Manhattan
Ghost in His Eyes

Kindle Alexander;
The Current Between Us

Avery Aster;
The Manhattanites # 1, Undressed
The Manhattanites #2, Unscrupulous

The Manhattanites #3, Unsaid
The Manhattanites #4, Unconventional 
The Undergrad Years #1, Love, Lex #RidingDesire
The Undergrad Years #2, Yours Truly, Taddy
The Undergrad Years #3, XO, Blake

Laura N. Andrews;
Forever You: Trade Me Collection

Jewel E. Ann;
Only Trick

Belle Aurora;
Lev: A Shot Callers Novel 
Dirty: RAW Family #2

For The First Time ~ Lil Maso
For The First Time ~ Saucy Siren
Hearts & Daggers
Incompatibly Yours: A Fertility Research Charity Anthology

Naughty Lovers


Maya Banks:
Mastered: The Enforcers #1

Daryl Banner;
Football Sundae

Cole Bates;

Louise Bay;
King of Wall Street

Bethany Bazile;
Deceitfully Yours

Jamie Begley:
Keeping What’s His – Tate: Porter Brothers Trilogy, #1

Morgan Black;

Lauren Blakely
Consumed By You: A Fighting Fire Novel

E.K. Blair;
Author Anonymous 

Kade Boehme;
Chasing the Rainbow
Don’t Trust The Cut

Kristina Borden;
Dared: A Boneyard Bad Boy Series

Eden Bradley;


Belle Brook;
Always You


Michele Callahan;
Crash and Burn

Mary Calmes;

Cardeno C;
Jesse’s Diner: Hope Collection (Audio) 

Audrey Carlan;
Divine Desire: The Lotus House Novel

Bonny Capps:
Deliverance for Amelia: Killer #1
Gabriel: Killer #2

Whitney Cannavina:
Save Me: Taken Series #1

Opal Carew;
Hot Ride #RidingDesire

Audrey Carlan;
Life: A Trinity Novel

Kim Carmichael;
On The Dotted Line

Sarah Castille;
Burnout #RidingDesire

Emma Chase;

Ruth Clampett:
Work of Art: The Collection

Audra Cole:
Colton: An Army Wives Novel. Co-Author KB Winters
Lucas: An Army Wives Novel. Co-Author KB Winters

Dallas Cole:
Lennox: Ride or Die #1

Stevie J. Cole:
One Contract: The Game #1. Co-Author LP Lovell
Two Guys: The Game #2. Co-Author LP Lovell
Three Players: The Game #3. Co-Author LP Lovell
Four Strikes: The Game #4. Co-Author LP Lovell

Tillie Cole;
It Ain’t Me, Babe: Hades Hangmen #1
Heart Recaptured: Hades Hangmen #2
Souls Unfractured: Hades Hangmen #3
Deep Redemption: Hades Hangmen #4
Damnable Grace: Hades Hangmen #5
A Veil of Vines

Skylar Cross;
Capitol Submission 1-4


Heather Dahlgren;
Teacher. Co-Author Ella Emerson

Katherine Deane;
Undercover Daddy

Marie Deen;
The Boss’ Property: Submitting

Lindsay Detwiler;
Then Comes Love 

Dahlia Donovan;
The Wanderer: The Sin Bin #1

LP Dover;

Mary Elizabeth;

Ella Emerson
Teacher. Co-Author Heather Dahlgren

Megan Erickson;
Strong Signal: Cyberlove #1, Co-Author, Santino Hassell
Fast Connection: Cyberlove #2, Co-Author, Santino Hassell
Hard Wired: Cyberlove #3, Co-Author, Santino Hassell


Hayley Faiman;
Rough & Raw: Notorious Devils MC #2

Stylo Fantome:
Neighbors: Twin Estates #1
The Neighbourhood: Twin Estates #2

Sara Fawkes;
Savage Heart #RidingDesire

Melissa Foster;
Bad Billionaires After Dark: Dylan

Marie Force;
Sex Machine

MN Forgy;
What Doesn’t Destroy Us: Devil’s Dust MC #1
Reign: Sin City Outlaws #1

Mercy: Sin City Outlaws #2
Love Tap

Melissa Foster;
Tempting Tristan

J.T. Fox:
Play Hard: Hot For Him #1
Play Harder: Hot For Him #2

Play Hardest: Hot For Him #3

T.M. Frazier;
King ~ Lil Maso’s Review
King ~ Phyl, aka Evie’s Review
All The Rage 
Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater #1
Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater #2
Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater #3


Kate Givans;
Tortured: Tortured Soul # 1
Unraveled: Tortured Soul #2 
All I Want for Christmas

Emily Goodwin;
Tease Me 

Alex Grayson;
Always Wanting: Consumed #1


Nicola Haken;
Counting Daisies

Suzanna Halliday;
Bishop’s Pawn

Callie Harper;
Off Limits: A Stepbrother MMA Romance

Daisy Harris;
Men of Holsum College Series, books 1-8

Santino Hassell;
Strong Signal: Cyberlove #1, Co-Author, Megan Erickson
Fast Connection: Cyberlove #2, Co-Author, Megan Erickson
Hard Wired: Cyberlove #3, Co-Author, Megan Erickson

Lauren Hawkeye;
One Wild Ride #RidingDesire

Francesca Hawley;
Whirlwind Affair: Erotically Bound #1
Hanky Spanky: Erotically Bound #2

Alessandra Hazard:
The Straight Guy’s Series 

Kerry Heavens;

Max Henry;

Kylie Hillman:
Seizing Control: Black Shamrocks MC #1
Making Choices: Black Shamrocks MC #2
Seeking Redemption: Black Shamrocks MC #3

Rose Hudson:
Divine Conspiracy

Adriana Hunter;
Full Throttle #RidingDesire

JA Huss;
Social Media Series, books 1-6


Alexandra I
The Collar of Freedom, The Collar Duet #1 

Hope Irving;
Twice upon a time



Jodie Jacobs;
Tasting The Teacher: Lessons in Lust #1 

Clare James;
Never Be Tamed

Ella James;
Hansel #1
Hansel #2
Hansel #3
Hansel #4

Nicky James;
No Regrets

Nicole James;
Jameson: Brothers Ink #1
Red Dog: An Evil Dead MC Story

Joey Jameson;
Dirty Talk

Danielle Jamie;
Forbidden: Linc & Raven #1 A Stepbrother Romance
Untouchable: Linc & Raven #2 A Stepbrother Romance

Bella Jewel:
Hard to Break: Alpha’s Heart, #2
Hard to Forget
Pandemonium: MC Sinners Next Generation #1
Drifter: MC Sinners Next Generation #2
Fleeting Moments
Amore: Part 1
Amore: Part 2
Valiant: Joker’s Wrath MC

Gillian Jones;
Call Me
Tainted By Love

Lisa Renee Jones;
Hard Rules: Dirty Money #1


Jessie K;
Play Dirty #1

Jani Kay:
Road to Destiny: Scorpio Stinger MC #5 
Shoot The Moon: Scorpio Stingers MC #6

Vi Keeland;
The Baller

Julia Keith & Emily Minton:
Trapped With The Alpha’s: A Balfour Shifters Novel

Kathleen Kelly;
Savage Town: Savage Angels MC #3
Savage Truth: The Grinders #1

Britney King;
Water Under the Bridge

Seth King;
Hopeless Romantic

Sapphire Knight;
Friction: An Oath Keepers MC Novel 

Angel Knots;
Heat: Dragon’s Destiny, Fated Mates #1, Co-Author,Wolf Specter

K.L. Kreig;
Lost in Between: Find Me Series #1


Prescott Lane:
Layers of Her ~Lil Maso~
Layers of Her ~Phyl~ 
The Reason for Me
The Sex Bucket List

K. Langston;
The Officer’s Promise: Brothers in Blue #1

Brit Lauren;
Kaden: The Recherche Series #2

Dori Lavelle:
Secrets and Lace

T.K. Leigh;

Eva LeNoir;
Black Balled. Co-Author, Andrea Smith 

Nina Levine:
Nitro’s Torment
Devil’s Vengeance

Azalea Amy Lezlynn;
Biting Point 

Andie M Long;

Roni Loren;
Nice Girls Don’t Ride #RidingDesire

Forever Starts Tonight, A Loving on the Edge Novella
By the Hour: The Pleasure Principle Series #2

LP Lovell:
Tiger Shark
One Contract: The Game #1. Co-Author Stevie J Cole
Two Guys: The Game #2. Co-Author Stevie J Cole
Three Players: The Game #3. Co-Author Stevie J Cole
Four Strikes: The Game #4. Co-Author Stevie J Cole

L.P. Lindeman:
Seal To Seal: Binding Cause Book 2 

KC Lynn;
Act of Courage

Carol Lynne:
Hawk’s Landing: Cattle Valley #23

Nicole Lynne; (Stevie J Cole and LP Lovell)
War Poppy 


Ilsa Madden-Mills;
Filthy English
Fake Fiancée

Skyla Madi;
Blood & Rust: New York Crime Kings #1
Sin & Secrets: New York Crime Kings #2
Smoke & Metal: New York Crime Kings #3 

Anne Malcom;
Still Waters: Greenstone Security #1
Making the Cut: The Sons of Templar MC #1

Jodi Ellen Malpas;
This Man ~ ‘Lil Maso’s Review
This Man ~ Saucy Siren’s Review
One Night: Promised

Meghan March;
Dirty Billionaire: The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #1
Dirty Pleasure: The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #2
Dirty Together: The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy #3 
Take me Back

Aly Martinez;
The Spiral Down
Retrieval: The Retrieval Duet #1
Transfer: The Retrieval Duet #2

Sandra Marton;
The F Word

V.F. Mason;
Sociopath’s Obsession: Sociopath #1

D.L. McCleary:
A Good Day

Maggie McConnell;
Spooning Daisy

Amy K McClung;
Still You: Trade Me Collection

K.A. Merikan;
Road of No Return: Sex & Mayhem Book 1 (MM / MC Erotica)
Bare-Knuckle Love: Rabid Mongrels MC #1 (Dark MM/MC Romance) ~Lil Maso~
Bare-Knuckle Love: Rabid Mongrels MC #1 (Dark MM/MC Romance) ~Phyl~

Ryan Michele;
Branded: A Father’s Best Friend

Emily Minton & Julia Keith:
Trapped With The Alpha’s: A Balfour Shifters Novel

Ren Monterrey;
Mad Dog Days Vol. 1-3 

Shelly Morgan;
The Preacher’s Daughter: Rough Riders MC






Sharon Page;
Fast and Mine #RidingDesire

Brie Paisley;
Worshipped: Worshipped Series #1

Lyra Parish;
ACE: A Band of Brothers Novel

Cleo Peitsche;

Randi Perrin;
Virtue of Death

J.L. Perry;

Tracie Podger;
A Virtual Affair
The Facilitator

Cat Porter;
Lock & Key: Lock & Key #1

Ginger Powers;
The Touch She Craves

Meghan Quinn:

Repentance: The Story of Kace Haywood



Brandon Reed;
Freshman Orientation, Pauer Bautam University #1

CD Reiss;
Songs of Submission Series (Lil Maso)
Songs of Submission Series (Saucy Siren)
Songs of Corruption Series

Songs of Perdition # 1, Kick.

Tiffany Reisz;
The Siren. The Original Sinner #1
The Angel, The Original Sinner #2
The Prince, The Original Sinner #3

The Original Sinners Series ~Phyl
The Confessions: An Original Sinners Collection
Her Halloween Treat: Men at Work #1
Her Naughty Holiday: Men at Work #2
The Red

Holly Renee;
Where Good Girls Go To Die

Julie A Richman;
Slave to Love

Alexa Riley;
Halloween Treat

Alyne Roberts;

KD Robichaux:
Wished For You: The Blogger Diaries #1

Charleigh Rose;
Stepdaddy Savage

Crystal Rose;
I’ll Be Your Drill, Soldier

Kate Roth;

Gen Ryan;
Losing You: Trade Me Collection


River Savage;
Incandescent, A Knights Rebels MC Novel #1
Affliction, A Knights Rebels MC Novel #2
Reclaimed, A Knights Rebels MC Novel #2.5
Paradox, A Knights Rebels MC Novel (What If Anthology)

Desertion, A Knights Rebels MC Novel #3
Infatuation, A Knights Rebels MC Novel #4
Hetch: Men of S.W.A.T #1

Rose Sawyer;

L.J. Shen;
Blood to Dust
Defy: Sinners of Saint #0.5
Vicious: Sinners of Saint #1 

D.H Sidebottom;
The Decimation of Mae

Sierra Simone;
American Queen
American Prince

J.D Sloane:
White Rabbit   ~Lil Maso~
White Rabbit ~Phyl~ 
Lovely Alice: White Rabbit #2 

Lola Smirnova;

Andrea Smith;
Black Balled. Co-Author, Eva LeNoir

Pierce Smith:
Enrapture: Noah Series #1

T.L Smith;
Twisted Perception
Distrust: Smirnov Bratva #1
Disbelief: Smirnov Bratva #2
Defiance: Smirnov Bratva #3 

Wolf Specter;
Heat: Dragon’s Destiny, Fated Mates #1, Co-Author, Angel Knots

Nic Starr;
Sticky Fingers
Waiting, Hoping, Wishing

R.C. Stephens:
Dick: A Bad Boy Novel

Sasha Storm;
Seeded by the Tentacle Monster #2
[Still] Knocked Up by the Tentacle Monster #4 

TL Swan;
Find Me Alastar
Play Along 


Marian Tee;
Heart Racer #RidingDesire




Lani Lynn Vale;
Shock Advised

Lili Valente;
Bought by the Billionaire: The Complete Series

S. Valentine;
His Confession: The Black Door Trilogy # 1


N.R. Walker
The Spencer Cohen Series #1

Alice Ward;
Reckless #1

Rie Warren;
Walker: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 1
Justice: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 2
Storm: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 3
Bane: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 4
Rush: Carolina Bad Boys Book 5
In The Ring

Lily White;
Four Crows

Gina Whitney;
Luca: I Love The Way You Lie #1

Clarissa Wild;
Wicked Bride Games

Jaden Wilkes;
The Beast
Perfectly Normal, The Beast #2
The Therapist

Nicole Williams;
Hate Story

KB Winters:
Colton: An Army Wives Novel. Co-Author Audra Cole
Lucas: An Army Wives Novel. Co-Author Audra Cole

Stephanie Witter:

Tracy Wolff:
Accelerate: A Hotwired Novel

Dani Wyatt;




Kandice Michelle Young;
Run to You
Run From You



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