★ Review ☆ Rachel, Songs of Submission # 5.5, CD Reiss

Book 5.5, Rachel. 23pg ebook

“Do people like you ever have wishes, Jonathan?”

This little chapter is incredible!  A short trip into the past with Jonathan.
A much younger Jonathan at his and Jessica’s engagement party at his parents home.
Being home always brought back the memories, especially when he was around his father, but tonight was different.
His father takes notice when Jonathan is captivated by a young dark haired beauty who was playing the viola and makes his point that its “normal” to want girls that age, pushing Jonathan out of his comfort zone, a place he didn’t have full control. 
His engagement party was a typical fancy affair that had everything, including a hypnosis, one his sisters seem to think he needs to see to help him relax a little. 
He is taken back to his time with Rachel.

“Lets get this over with,” I said.
“Said like a true anxious man. Can you focus your mind on what’s making you tense? I’m going to count backwards from ten.”
The string quartet keyed up and began with Mendelssohn. Very nice, even for a group of teenagers. Despite being from the gifted school, I hadn’t expected much, especially not from the viola. No one could be that beautiful and talented at the same time. But her beauty carried to her playing, because as David counted back from ten, I didn’t hear a goddamn thing past five except the viola as if there was not another instrument on the planet.

Rachel, the former underage mistress of his fathers, hold a place in Jonathan’s heart. 
Even at 16 years old he had to be in control, not entirely a D/s way, but it was there.
All he wants is to protect her, to keep her safely away from his father, her stepfather and to be able to be with her in public. 
All she wanted was to be free. Free from her crap life where being used and abused is normal for her. Just Free. 
A drunken argument has everything spiraling out of control, something traumatic happened, something bad enough to leave a hole in Jonathan’s memory. 
This answers so many questions about his teenage years, gives some insight into his relationship with Jessica, and also has a little surprise twist.
But still, leaves a few things unanswered. 
Do they know? What happened to Rachel? 
Is she really gone? 
Up next, we are back in the presence with Resist.

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