★ Review ☆ Resist, Songs of Submission # 6, CD Reiss

Book 6, Resist. 128pg ebook
“I feel like no one’s ever loved me before.” 
“I’m sure they did their best, but you always belonged to me.”
The first thing you see is a big ‘ole warning from CD

Massive Cliffhanger at the end”
Yes, I know you forewarned us at the start, but, far out woman!!!! 
Now that that is out there, let’s move on.
So, at the end of Burn, Jonathan and Monica finally patch things up, he declares his love for her, and then BAM! Out come the handcuff, and not in a kinky way.
Jessica has her claws out and wanting money, so what does she do? Bitch has Jonathan charged with domestic violence, and she has proof. A nicely welted ass and a recording of the events, edited in her favor of course. 
Monica is hell bent on protecting her man at any cost, even going into the bitches den.
And like always, terrified of losing her that he is secretive with her, pushing her to do some really unthinkable things, leaving both of them hurt. 

“We are bound. I can’t be unfaithful to you any more than the sky can be unfaithful to the sea.”

Jonathan has some very big self-loathing moments, he believes he will destroy any and every woman he loves, pushing him to put a wall up and shut out everyone, Monica included.
His past is starting to fall into place, but I feel we still have a long way to go before we understand it entirely.
Thankfully, the dark cloud of the full events of that night with Rachel is uncovered when Jonathan’s memory of it all come flooding back. 
Now to the sex, because come on, everyone wants to know this, and what can I say, CD delivers.
*I will never look at a tea bag the same way again, just sayin’*
The start so damn quick in this book, and are so much more dominating. 
I’ve seen words like Hot, sizzling and pantie melting, let me tell you all now, those words don’t even come close. CD has gone above and beyond any of the sex scenes in the other books combined. Don’t get me wrong, they are sizzling, hot, pantie melting moments, yet they are more, this books should come with a warning, or maybe a vibe?  Just a thought lol
Oh, I almost forgot, Darren, how I  love him being all aggressive 😉 

“Just stop. The next time I hear you two broke up, I’m sending out wedding invitations.”

Ok, Ok, in regards to my earlier “we’re not friends” gif, who am I trying to kid?  

                        CD, I”m off to read the next in the series, Sing

I heard a little rumor that there may be an 8th book? 
I will have to hunt around and see what I can find out.
Fingers crossed  
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