Review: Sustained by Emma Chase


 I wont lie … when I first started Sustained, I wanted to roll my eyes. Literally. It seemed like just another selfish bad boy gone good book, and to be honest, I’ve grown quite tired of those. But then, out of nowhere, BAM!….I couldn’t put the book down, no matter how hard I tried!

Jake Becker is a fast-rising attorney, and for a very good reason: he doesn’t have any commitments and doesn’t plan on having any. He doesn’t really like kids, and he really isn’t into the work it takes to make a relationship work, so every girl he sleeps with gets the Cinderella speech (it’s past midnight, so grab your things and go) after the very first night.

An STD scare from a one-night stand halts him in his tracks, though, and he’s left re-evaluating how he handles his love life. For a while, he tries the dating thing, but that doesn’t go so well. But that’s only until he’s mugged by one of the McQuaid kids.

Not really interested in doing much more than letting the boy’s parents know about the mugging, Jake takes the boy home. It’s then that everything in the world of Jake Becker starts to change. And the one to change it is Chelsea McQuaid, the aunt and now guardian of all SIX McQuiad children.

I loved that this story really stayed true to what it’s like to raise children. There were moments that I laughed, and moments that I cried. Maybe that’s just because I have kids of my own….but I like to think it was just that the kids were so wonderfully written. I would have liked to have seen more varied names, though, because I did have a difficult time keeping them straight throughout the entire book.

Another really big part of the book was the romance between Jake and Chelsea. It’s clear to see just how deep Jake is in, very early on. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see it that way and it takes him all the way until the end of the book to overcome his issues enough to embrace his feelings. I loved the chemistry between Chelsea and Jake, and there were most certainly some steamy scenes. It’s far from erotica, but definitely on smexy book, and very deserving of 4. 5 kinky heels!

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