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Smoke & Metal (New York Crime Kings Book 3) by [Madi, Skyla]

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Smoke & Metal
New York Crime Kings #3
by Skyla Madi

Skyla Freakin’ Madi!!
You can Not end a book like this! My poor heart can not take it!

Just like the previous, this one picks up right where the last left off. The only difference is this one is more on Jai and Emily facing their fears of their feelings, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s downright panty melting at times 😉

Jai and Emily are hiding out in an old lake house after escaping Skull and his underworld, it’s time to lay low, recover, regroup with the help of Jai’s old cop buddy and prepare for the fight of their lives when Skull catches up with them or when Jai steam rolls over Skull, whichever comes first.

While Jai is coming to terms and acting on his feeling for Emily, she is still clinging to her past. Trusting anyone is a hard feat for her and believing she is worthy of Jai’s love and is positive once Skull is dead and Jai had his brother, she will be but a memory.

Skull isn’t done with Jai, but it’s Emily he wants and who he has put out a hefty reward to anyone who brings her back to him. Alive. Skulls reasoning for wanting Emily so bad comes to light, so does the realization that Nothing will stop him from getting his hands on Kitten.

I love that we get to see more of Jai’s protectiveness over his sister, and the rawness as he deals with his unexpected love, protectiveness, and desires for his Kitten.
Emily . . . . While she has a few moments where I want to shake her for her insecurities or downright selfishness, she shows she is tougher, stronger and more resilient than what we have seen.

I can NOT wait for the next book!


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