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Words….I don’t usually struggle with them, but they just don’t seem to do Monica and Jonathon justice. Days of trying to write this review—a review on an entire series—and all I can think to say is “WOW!”

So, I guess I’ll just start at the beginning….

I’m not a billionaire fan. I loathe Christian Grey and Jesse Ward. Yeah, yeah, I know. But it’s my opinion, and I’m quite entitled to it. Unfortunately, that opinion has always made it really difficult for me to dive into billionaire novels. Beg (the start of the Songs of Submission series) was no exclusion. I had several starts and stops. I struggled to get into it. But as you all know, Lil’ Maso is a HUGE CD Reiss fan, and she was adamant that this would be different.

I tried one more time. I attempted to forget completely that Jonathon Drazen has enough money to feed an entire third world country. And that was when something amazing started to happen.

day four of the trip to (1)

Jonathon has patience. Enough to give the average man an ulcer. And his need for control and sadism never outweighs the importance of safe, consensual, and sane BDSM. Is he rough? Rough enough to make this saucy reader blush and swoon, all at the same time. Is he cocky and a bit entitled? Sure! What rich boy isn’t? But he also puts Monica above and beyond himself. She is placed on a pedestal, to be adored and treasured and eventually loved (even before the delicious Jonathon Drazen realizes he is, in fact, falling for his little song bird).

The dynamics and chemistry between these two is undeniable. The strength of their love is something that every person on the planet wishes for, but that strength is only discovered in heartbreak, trials, and tribulations. Yet there are those moments—the good stuff—in between. And it’s not all sex. It’s protection. Honesty. Vulnerability. Forgiveness. And so much more.

I know this probably doesn’t help anyone decide whether or not to take a chance on Jonathon and Monica, but maybe this will….

There is only one other series in my entire reading history that I wish I could read over for the very first time. Songs of Submission is now added to that very short list. I would give anything to re-read Jonathon and Monica’s story over and over again, but completely anew each time. Because nothing beats that first time. The emotions. The joy. The tears. The love. The heartache. The bringing to life of characters that are so real, they become a permanent part of you.

Long live The King and his goddess! And a HUGE thank you to CD Reiss for sharing this story with the world. Expect to be stalked….errr….followed. 😉

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